Why Does My Husky Growl?

Dogs are vocal creatures, and even though they’re communicative, we have no way of understanding them. There are many instances when you assume you know why your dog is barking, but other times, you might have no clue why they’re barking. Huskies are a popular dog breed that many people love. They’re sled dogs with thick coats and outgoing personalities. They’re amazing family pets and super energetic, so they’re perfect dogs for athletic lifestyles.

Because of their great reputation, it can be sort of surprising when you have a Husky that growls a lot. There are many reasons why your Husky might be growling and they likely fall into one of the five categories described.

Why is my Husky Growling

Huskies aren’t known for being aggressive, so when they’re growling a lot more than normal, you should investigate. Luckily, once you determine the reason, you can fix it.

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Your Husky Doesn’t Like Something in the Environment

Your Husky might not like something in its environment, and this is a broad issue to deal with because there’s so much of your house at their disposal. Pay attention to where they are in your house when they’re barking and determine what’s in that space to upset them. Consider if you have any other animals in the house that might be contributing to your Husky’s dislike of the environment. This can be a long process, but first determine the room that’s making them growl. Then, take them around the room and see where their growl is the loudest.

There are two ways to fix this issue. You can remove the object from that environment or remove the Husky. It’s hard to remove the dog from the environment if it’s your home, but if you can’t remove the object, which is the case if it’s another pet or a child, then removing the Husky from that environment is the best way to solve the issue. However, if it’s an object you can remove, like a plant or Christmas tree, then do that so you can have a happy pet.

Your Husky is Protective of its Food or Possessions

Another common reason for your dog growling is protecting its food and possessions. You’ll need to observe the situation to determine if this is the case. You should take note of their behaviour when you walk towards them. For example, if your dog is defensive when they have food or a toy, then they’re trying to make sure you do not take away their food or their toy. The growling is a warning that they are on the defense. This isn’t an issue that is cause for alarm, however it is indicative that your dog might require more training.

To solve this issue, you need to correct the behavior, and because dog training requires an expert, you might not be able to correct this behavior at home. It’ll take time and money, but you’ll need to visit a certified animal behaviorist to correct your Huskies Behavior. Having an aggressive dog isn’t good, especially if you have a family with children or guests over at your house. Going to an animal behavior expert will definitely be worth the time and money, so that you can have a happy dog in your house.

Your Husky is Scared

Another cause for your husky growling at you is fear. This is a tricky situation since you can’t outright ask your dog what is scaring them, but what you can do is think about their past and their environment to figure out what might be the cause. If your husky is new to your household, for example, then it might just be unfamiliar with the environment. However, if your husky has been with you for a while then you might want to think about what often changes in your household that might make them scared. You might also want to think about their past and how they might have been mistreated because this might make it apprehensive around humans.

This is another issue that would require some training to make them more comfortable in your house and around you. What you can do is, if you’re unsure that you have the time for training, visit an animal behaviorist or your vet to get more information. Another thing you want to make sure you do if your husky is scared is not punish the aggression that your husky portrays. You don’t want to lose the trust of your dog and worsen the behavior. This is why, instead of training the husky yourself, you should go to an animal behavioral expert to give you help.

You Don’t Understand Your Husky!

If you’re discovering problems or weird behavior from your dog that is unfamiliar to you e.g. growling, you need to know what’s causing the weird behavior and what you’ll need to do in these specific situations. Having a dog that behaves how it should and is well trained is crucial for any dog owner, and learning more about your dog is something every owner should strive to know.

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Your Husky is in Pain

There’s a lot of time that is unaccounted for when you have a dog, so it is very likely that your husky could be hurt and trying to communicate that to you. When dogs are in pain, it’s actually very common for them to growl. One way to determine if your Husky is in pain is to observe if it’s growling in situations that they usually wouldn’t. You should know your dog well since your dog lives with you and you should trust your senses when it comes to them growling unusually.

Check for any limping or behavioral changes that you can observe. Try to slowly approach them and pet them to see if they’ll let you. Usually, if they’re hurt, they’re apprehensive about petting. If you suspect that your husky might be in pain, you could take your husky to the vet and let them give them a check up. Be very careful about transporting them if they are in pain because you don’t want to worsen it.

Your Husky is Having Fun

Your husky could also just simply be having fun. If they’re growling when you’re playing with them or with other dogs then that can mean they’re excited. This kind of growling isn’t cause for alarm and should actually happen quite regularly. There’s really no way to stop this and it’s a good thing if they’re having fun.

Now that you know what to be on the lookout for, you can accurately assess your Husky and ensure they’re in the best health possible. Remember that there’s always the option to bring your dog to the vet if you need more information about your husky.