Why Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

The Siamese cat is a distinct breed of cat. It’s becoming increasingly popular as people begin wanting the cat for its distinct blue eyes and beautiful fur. It’s a unique cat that comes from Thailand. The Siamese is known for its large ears, triangular head, and blue almond-shaped eyes. It has a dark face, dark ears in a white or cream coat all along its body.

Even though Siamese cats are beautiful, there’s a lot more to them than just that. They’re an interesting cat to have in your home because they’re very vocal cats. These cats have very distinct personalities and that’s why so many people love having them in their home. They use their vocals as a unique form of communication and they speak more than any other cat. Even though it can seem a little odd that they speak so much, there are many reasons why your Siamese cat might be very vocal.

Why Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot

Need Attention

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The first thing about Siamese cats that you need to know is that they’re very vocal because they need a lot more attention than most cats. Before you get a Siamese cat you should keep this in mind. If you’re not someone who enjoys being very attentive to your cat’s, then you may want to get a different breed. They also might try to get your attention because they enjoy interacting with their humans. Siamese cats can get depressed and very sad if they don’t get the attention that they need from their owners.

Siamese cats need an interactive environment with a human that’s home most of the time. You must learn over time what their noises mean so you can understand what your Siamese cat wants over time. Usually, they will get very loud, so you have to give the cat a hug or pat them when they start to cry a lot. You can also pull them into your arms while you watch TV to give them the attention they want.

They need a lot of company and even though cuddling is great, they might just want some fun activities. Playing with them to bond with them is a great way to ensure that your Siamese cat doesn’t suffer from lack of attention. You should schedule a time that you spend with them every day to focus on their attention needs.

There’s also something else that you need to keep in mind. If you treat your pet like a part of the family and you give them special treatment, you need to continue giving them that treatment. They will learn to expect all of that attention and those treats all the time. Louder constant meowing can become learned, especially if you give in to them once they start making a lot of noise.

If you respond to their cries, they’ll intelligently learn to make noise to get what they need. People who give in to the demands of their pets are common because it’s hard to resist their face. If you have a Siamese cat they’re already going to love attention, needing to give them special treatment is very rare. It’s okay to give in to what your cat wants sometimes, but learn to resist doing that all the time, otherwise you’ll have a very loud and vocal cat who screams whenever they don’t get the attention or the food that they want.

Very Social

Siamese cats are not only very attention driven, but they also need a lot of socializing. If you have a busy work schedule or a long school schedule, then you’re going to need to get your Siamese cat a friend. Many hours alone will lead to them getting into a lot of trouble or being very depressed over time. That can have detrimental effects on your Siamese cat and you’ll notice them withdraw from you and have very low energy. To avoid isolation, you should consider getting more than one Siamese cat.

If you get two Siamese cats, you’ll still need to send a lot of quality time with them, but they’ll be less stressed when they’re home alone. If you love cats then having two Siamese cats is also great because you have two cats to love now. Siamese cats do well with other pets in the house so long as they still get the attention they need. Make sure if you don’t have another cat, you give your cat a lot of attention when you are home or you take them out on play dates with other cats when they need it.


Another reason your Siamese cat might be making a lot of noise is because they’re lonely. If you don’t have two cats or if you have a busy life, your Siamese cat can get very lonely. Everyone gets busy and it’s understandable if you have a demanding job that takes up a large part of your day. Even if you’re very tired, you need to make time to play with your cat. Your cat will become desperate for attention and you’ll find yourself unable to sleep through night because they’re screaming outside of your door. You should always be able to sit a little bit of bonding time with your cat into your day.

An easy way to do this is to put your cat into your routine. Make sure you have your day schedule now in pencil in 10 or 15 minutes to spend with your cat. Even if you’re really tired, you can hold your cat while you’re relaxing. If you’re reading or watching a television show you can hold your cat without moving your attention from the activity. You can also play with small feather toys while you’re sitting on the couch to give your cat some attention.

If you know that you’re going to have an extremely busy week and comparison treats and some new toys for your cat. You can keep some cat food or snacks on hand to give your Siamese cat while you’re busy. Many Siamese cat owners don’t get their cats wet food and this gives them a little bit of something to look forward to when you do decide to give them a special treat.

You can also talk to your cat as you get dressed in the morning. Putting a cat bed in your room or scratching posts near the bathroom when you get ready for work is a great way to spend some time with your cat. Also, if you do a workout routine at home, you can play with your cat immediately after it while you’re cooling down. This is a great way to show your cat that you still pay attention to them even when you’re busy.


Because Siamese cats are so intelligent, mental and physical stimulation is required. All pets get bored, but Siamese cats are very curious, so they need extra stimulation. Before you bring home a Siamese cat, you should ensure that you have a proper amount of toys for them.

You should go to your pet store or look online for a large variety of choices. You should have a few interactive toys that have moving pieces and a few stationary toys that they can throw around. You should make sure the toys for your kitten are very lightweight and you can move on to larger toys once they get older. You should also get a substantial amount of cat trees (view on Amazon) or things that they can climb on so that they’ll be entertained. Intricate scratching posts (view on Amazon) with different levels and hiding spots, but keep your Siamese cat very busy so that they don’t suffer from boredom.

You should also be sure to keep a few food puzzles (view on Amazon) around. Food puzzle toys are a way to make your cat work for their treats. These toys usually need to be interacted with in a certain way so that your cat can get to the street. Not only does your cat have to use their mind to figure out how to get to the tree, but they also have to be physically interacting with the toy. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone and mentally and physically stimulate your cat.

Lack of Routine

The last thing you should consider is that your cat might need a better routine. Cats are very smart and they love having a routine to look forward to. You should wake up and feed your cat at the same time. You should also give your cat dinner at the same time everyday. Establishing a great routine for your Siamese cat gives them the order that they need to feel comfortable in a new environment. If you cannot stick to a routine, then you should consider getting an automatic feeder because then you can set it to the times that you want to feed your cat and it will be your cat for you.

You also might want to consider leash training your cat. It’s very hard to leash train your cat, but if your cat seems very interested in going outside, that would be a great way to establish a routine that they can look forward to. At the same time every week you should try to take your cat outside for a little bit. Not only will this give your cat something to look forward to, but it will also physically stimulate them and give them a reason to be tired that day. If you find that your cat makes a lot of noise at night, taking them outside will tire them out to ensure that you get a good night sleep.

You Don’t Understand Your Siamese Cat!

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Should You Ignore Your Cat

Where you might be tempted to ignore your cat’s noise, you should pay attention to them to make them stop. It is about giving in, but it’s about making sure that your cat is not hurt or uncomfortable with the situation. If you’re recently in a new environment or if you know that there’s construction going on, your cat’s vocal habits might be their way of telling you that they’re very nervous. Make sure that you get to know your cat sounds so that you know if something’s wrong when they’re making noise. Either way, you should get to know your cat so that you can avoid any issues with them.

Make sure that your cat isn’t feeling withdrawn or depressed because that’s how they can become standoffish when they realize that you won’t pay attention to them. Also, if they aren’t happy with their situation you might find your cat becomes more aggressive and they can become very challenging to raise. Overall when you hear your cat making a lot of noise, take a second or two to see if they’re communicating with their hair or in danger.

If you find that your cat is stressed, try to fix the home environment to make the cat feel better. Otherwise if you know that your cat is only making a lot of noise because they want more treats or because you close the door for some private time, you can judge the situation yourself and deem how you should react to them.