Why Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot?

If you want to add a cat to your home, then the Siamese cat would be perfect for you. Even though a lot of people have ideas in their heads about cats, all cats are different, and even ones within the same breed have their differences. There’s a lot that goes into deciding what cat is perfect for you but if you’re looking for a great companion then the Siamese cat fits well.

They’re very affectionate cats that love to play and spend time with their owners. They’re also known for being quite vocal about what they want and need. If you want to cut this very involved and similar to a dog, take a look at this time he’s at your local shelter breeder.

Before you get a Siamese, you should know that there’s different types of Siamese. They vary in looks and colors also, so you might want to take a look at all of them before you decide to get one. If you’re trying to go to a shelter then you might not have a lot of choices for what Siamese cat you’re going to get, but if you’re going to a breeder, then you should know about the different types before you decide which one is going to be your companion.

Types of Siamese Cats

There are a lot of different kinds of siamese cats, but they can be split into two main groups, which is the traditional Siamese group and the modern Siamese group. Within these groups are smaller subcategories. There are variations on the categories based on color and facial features.

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Traditional Siamese

the traditional Siamese group can be broken into the subcategories of applehead, old-style, and classic Siamese. Dating back to the 14th century, the traditional Siamese cats would have been cross-eyed and they usually sit at the side of the throne. They were one of the first domesticated cats and history and they were very prized. They were owned by people who were wealthy and they were well-respected. Sometimes they were used to guard the royal treasure and there’s a myth that states their eyes were crooked because they were staring at the royal treasure for too long.

Today you won’t find them staring at treasure, but they are very interested in television. The traditional Siamese cat today is still available, and there are different kinds of traditional Siamese cats that you can purchase. If you look back to their ancient roots, the traditional Siamese look different from the modern Siamese.

The Applehead Siamese is one of the subcategories of the traditional Siamese cats. It has a longer and fluffier fur than the other Siamese cats. It’s also known for its very round face. This cat is known for being slightly quieter than the other Siamese cats. The applehead is a bit more peaceful than what the breed is known for. They’re very big boned and they have very small ears. If you view them from their side profile, you’ll notice they have a dip on their nose. The tails are not as long as the other two traditional Siamese cats, but they’re still beautiful cats.

The next category is the classic Siamese cat. The traditional style of the classic Siamese cat is a lighter cat with a long body and a long tail. It’s not lean, but they will have larger ears and no nose dip. They have evidence of the tide genetics and they reflect their historical background because of their appearance. Classic Siamese cats are natural athletes and they loved going on walks. If you want a cat that you can leash train, the classic Siamese cat would be a great option.

The last subcategory of the traditional Siamese cats is the old style Siamese cat. It’s meow is often mistaken for baby crying because of his high pitch. It has a very athletic build and is known for being medium size. It has a unique elongated facial structure in comparison to the more rounded heads of the apple head in the classic Siamese. This is the most Thai or Oriental looking cat with its almond-shaped eyes. It retains the most of the classic characteristics from the Regal Siamese cats of the past.

Modern Siamese

The modern Siamese has many of the traditional Siamese qualities, but they changed a little. The change occurred when Siamese cats were brought from Europe in the late 80s. The first Siamese cat was called General and it was gifted to a British Consul for his younger sister. She was given to siamese twins and they began to breed together. By the 1900s in America, the modern Siamese was more recognizable and it was a beloved pet of the 19th president’s first lady.

The modern Siamese is very popular in modern society. It’s known in America for being a very regal cat. It’s also seen in a lot of movies because of their intelligence and athleticism. It’s come a long way from the traditional sign music was popular in the past.

Modern cats are whiter than the traditional Siamese cats. A lot of people prefer this because they view the light coloration as a beautiful fur coat. White was a sacred color to the Siam people in the past and the cream color of these cats were an attribute that was so debated.

The Wedge Siamese is one of the modern Siamese cats. It’s also known as the wedgie. This Siamese cat has a more elongated form than all of the other Siamese cats. Their name comes from the wedge-shaped or triangular head that they possess. They will have low-set ears on their head and that yours will also be more towards their face in comparison to the traditional Siamese cats who have their ears set further back on their head.

They’re known for having the loudest meows of the Siamese cats and they have a deeper tone. This is a newer breed that became popular in the late 1980s, and even though it’s prone to kidney failure and heart problems, if it’s on a healthy diet it should be fine.

The other modern Siamese cats are plentiful. There are three or four variations in the next few categories of modern Siamese cats.

The first kind is a light-colored Siamese cat which can be broken down into cream points, lilac points and chocolate point Siamese cats. The chocolate point Siamese cats are a lighter shade of brown. The cream point Siamese cat is a light cream color and they will not develop dark spots, But the color will darken as they age. The last kind is a lilac point cat and this is a light gray colored Siamese that has blue and brown tones in their fur.

The next category is the dark colored Siamese cat, which can be broken into the seal points, blue points, and red point Siamese cat.

The Seal Point Siamese cat is the darkest Siamese cat and they’re named after seals. It has the dark gray coloration of seals with brown or brownish black undertones. The blue point is a dark-colored Siamese cat that can be recognized by its steel blue gray color. It has piercing blue eyes and if they’re very unique compared to the other Siamese cats. The red point is the last kind of Siamese cat and it usually is an orange or crimson shade. Their blue eyes are very unusual and this is a rare type of Siamese cat.

These are all the types of Siamese cats. There’s so many different kinds that you can get so you might want to consider looking at all the Siamese cats before you decide which one you want. Some of these are rarely seen in shelters so you’re likely going to a breeder to get that option. Overall you need to be careful because you want to go to a good breeder for your Siamese cat to make sure you’re getting a healthy cat.

Information About Siamese Cats


Before you get the Siamese cat you should know a little bit about his temperament. The Siamese cat is very talkative and they need attention. They love their owners and their family so much, so they’ll always want to be around you. Make sure that you’re okay with having a needy cat because otherwise you’ll just get annoyed. If they don’t have this interaction then they’ll get very pouty and sad. You might want to consider getting 2 if you find that you’ll be away most of the day.

You won’t have to worry about the Siamese cat getting along with your other pets because they’ll get along just fine with other cats, dogs and children. Just make sure that your children know how to interact with cats or else they’ll know going to get swat at by your cat.

Siamese cats are also very intelligent and athletic, so you want to be sure that you give them things to do around your home. There are a lot of stimulating games that you can consider having in your home for your Siamese cat.

The first game you can try is ping-pong play. Getting ping pong balls (view on Amazon)for a Siamese cat would be perfect for them because they bounce all over your house and they’ll have a fun time chasing them.

The next thing you can try is catnip bubbles (view on Amazon). Cats usually love catnip scented bubbles and they love popping the flavorful bubbles with their mouth and paws. You can use a bubble wand to create the bubbles and keep them occupied. You can also use a bubble machine when you’re away.

Overall, these cats are very needy and athletic. Spending a lot of time with them to play with them and bond with them is all that they’ll want. If you’re looking for a dog like cat, then you don’t have to look any further.

You Need to Know to Know This About Your Siamese Cat

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Caring for a Siamese cat isn’t hard. You just have to make sure that you have a routine and stick to it.

The first thing you need to do is come they’re fine coats gently. A weekly brushing (view on Amazon) would do great to distribute skin oils and remove any dead hairs. This will minimize the shedding all throughout your home also.

Brush their teeth everyday or at least once a week. This will prevent periodontal disease. Most cats have periodontal disease by age 3 because of neglected dental hygiene so you want to be sure that you pay close attention to their teeth. You should also get your cat professional teeth cleanings every year.

Besides that there isn’t much that you need to do for your Siamese cat.

Now that you know a little bit more about the different types of Siamese cats and what you need to do to care for them, you can decide if the Siamese cat will be a great addition to your home. While the looks of the Siamese cat aren’t important, if you’re looking for a striking cat, then there are so many different varieties of Siamese cats available to you.