Tabby Cat Personality

You’ve likely seen so many tabby cats in your lifetime. They’re one of the most popular domestic house pets. Each tabby cat is different because tabby is only a pattern. There are many different breeds with the tabby pattern, and the breed has more of an effect on the personality. Things like socialization and training have an affect on personality, so it’s hard to generalize a personality all because of a pattern.

What Affects Personality


Training your cat can change its personality for the better. Trying to cats are usually calmer and easier to control than cats that are not trained. Trying to catch can follow commands and still answer when they’re called. Well am I be kind of hard to train your cat, with time and consistency your cat will begin to listen to you.

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There are many reasons to begin training your cat. Training your cat can protect your cat, you and other people are animals that are around your cat. They can also protect your valuable belongings around your home from being broken. Train your cat can be as simple as training your cat to answer to his name or to use the scratching post around your home.

Training is also important because it can enrich your cat’s life. It provides a lot of valuable mental and physical stimulation for your cat. It also keeps their life interesting and enjoyable. Training your cat to do a few commands or tricks is a great way to ensure that it’s mind stays in good shape and it also makes their life very exciting. They won’t be opposed when you start to reward them with treats (view on Amazon) for learning new commands and tricks.

Lastly, it strengthens your bond with your cat. Training sessions that include positive reinforcement like giving them treats is a great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your cat. They look forward to these training sessions and all the treats and affection that you give them when they do something correct. This also establishes you as your cats leader and authority so it establishes that they should listen to you. This can make your home life a lot easier when you own a cat.

You should never make your cat do something that they don’t want to do, but you should use rewards to incentivize their behavior. Be consistent with the reward so that the desired behaviors that have it for your cat. They don’t always have to be treats. You can let the reward be a scratch on a scratching post (view on Amazon) or a plate full of catnip (view on Amazon). Your voice can also be a good reward because they know when they’re being praised. Keep these factors in mind when you’re training your cat. You might notice a personality change when they’re properly trained, but that’s because you have a bond with your cat now and it might be easier to notice differences and their behavior.


Socialization can make your cat a lot more social and less shy. Socialization will help your cat develop trust in people and other animals in its environment. A cat who isn’t socialized will be more aggressive, scared and distrustful. A well socialized cat will be loving, affectionate and well-behaved. There’s an obvious difference between cats who are not socialized and cats who are socialized.

If you’re picking out a cat at a shelter, getting a cat who’s already displaying friendly and outgoing behavior is easier to socialize. If you are choosing an older cat that hasn’t been socialized, it will require a lot more time and effort to socialize it, but it won’t be impossible. Socialization will be easier if you adopt multiple kittens at a time. They will keep each other company and they’re less likely to have destructive behavior from boredom. A lot of shelters have bonded pairs that need to go to the same home anyway.

A lot of the success from socializing your cat will depend on the cat’s personality and genetic makeup. Also, the amount of socialisation your cat received before they reach 9 weeks of age is also important. If you get your cat from a breeder, you should see that they’re properly socialized and around the other cats in their litter as much as possible. A responsible breeder would be able to answer how socialized their cats are.

Also, you’ll realize that cat socialization doesn’t take a lot of time. If you handle your cat more often they’ll be more socialized, but short sessions of 15 minutes a day will increase how quickly you gain your cat’s trust. This will also put your cat at ease all around your home. Another thing you can do to help socialize your cat is play with them a lot. Not only should you play with them, but other people who come over should also engage with your cat. This is a great way to socialize your cat to other people.

Introducing your cat to strangers and handling your cat properly is a great way to socialize an anxious cat. This will minimize how stress your cat is and increase how good they are with other people coming over. No one wants an angry and aggressive cat so socialisation is very important. If you have an older cat just be patient and over time you’ll notice them warming up to you and other people.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your cat will also change his personality.

Neutering is also called an orchidectomy and it’s done in male cats. This procedure occurs with anesthesia and incision is usually made over each side of your cat scrotal sac so that the testicle can be removed. External sutures are not usually required afterwards. In some cats one or both of the testicles may not descend fully into the sack and they might remain in the abdomen. These might require more extensive surgery to locate them and remove them. Your cat will still display typical personalities of a male hormonal cat if they’re not removed. Spaying is a surgical removal of a female cat’s ovaries and uterus. These are usually performed with few complications and only licensed veterinarians can perform neutering or spaying on your cat.

These procedures do change your cat’s personality because they’re no longer getting the male and female hormonal influx that they would have with these parts intact. Usually intact male and female cats will make unpleasant household companions. Usually, male cats will be more aggressive if they aren’t neutered when there’s another cat around. This is usually the result of competition between male cats because they like to protect their territory. Both male and female cats will still look for mates and you might notice them being very vocal and affectionate during the times when they’re in heat. They’re also prone to spraying to mark their territory.

These traits are easy to remove if you only get your cat spayed or neutered. These procedures are very routine and they’re usually suggested for population control and to make them easier household companions.

It’s usually recommended that you get your cat spayed or neutered because if you let them outside you might find that your cat ends up pregnant or fathering multiple letters. For population control reasons, spaying or neutering is very important. There ends up being an influx of feral or wildcats around the neighborhood if you don’t spay or neuter your cat and you let them outside.

Differences Between Male and Female Personalities

The pattern of your cat won’t affect its personality, but the sex of it will. Male and female cats have different personalities and these can be affected depending on whether they’re in heat or neutered. A lot of experts say that male cats are more affectionate than female cats. It’s easy to build trust with male cats while female cats need time and effort to build up trust with them. Male cats are also more tolerant than their female counterparts so they’re easier to transition into households.

There isn’t any proof that male and female cats have big personality differences. Each cat is unique and the breed, socialization and upbringing are what impacts the personality the greatest. The main thing that determines the personality of both male and female cats is what they’re exposed to. When they’re young, cats will remember whether they’ve been treated affectionately or whether they’ve been comfortable around humans. If they’re social at a younger age, they’ll be better at socializing once they’re older.

Keep this in mind so that you don’t build up a prejudice towards female cats. Even though female cats have a bad reputation, it all depends on how you treat them and how you train them. You also have to keep in mind that your cat will only trust you as much as you trust them. Make sure you handle and play with your cat frequently so that they understand who you are and so that they can build a bond with you.

You Need to Know to Know This About Your Tabby Cat

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Are Tabby Cats More Intelligent or Calm

There’s no evidence that being a tabby cat makes any cat more intelligent or calm. The intelligence of the cat is usually dependent on their experience in the world. There are certain cat breeds that are more intelligent than others because they have an innate ability to make quick decisions, process information and build trust. Whether your cat has a tabby cat pattern or not doesn’t really dictate any of that. If you want a more intelligent cat then you should consider a Bengal, an Abyssinian, a Cornish Rex or a Scottish Fold because these are known for being some of the smartest cat breeds.

If you want a cat that’s very calm, there are breeds that are more well-mannered. Birman, Exotic Shorthairs, Himalayan, Maine Coons, and Selkirk Rex cats are known for their calmness. The most common ones you’ll find in domestic homes are the Maine Coons, the shorthairs and the Ragdoll cats. The Birman cat is one of the most intelligent cats because they respond very well to commands and to being trained. They’re not very active however. These cats are easier to engage with, so one of these breeds would be perfect for your family.

The pattern of the cat doesn’t dictate the personality. Even though the cat is a tabby, you should pay attention to its breed. If you can, you should pay attention to how it’s been socialized and how it’s been trained. Even if you get your cat from a shelter, they should be able to tell you a little bit about how the cat acts so that you can get an idea of his personality. It’s a good idea to ask about your cat’s personality before you get it because some cats might require more effort than others.