How to Tell If English Bulldog Is Pregnant

Having a pregnant dog requires a lot of special care. They need vet trips, a change in diet, and close attention and monitoring. Many times, if you intend on breeding your English Bulldog, you need to test it for health issues and line up homes for your litter. If you’re not breeding your dog, then you need to be sure your dog is healthy so it can safely deliver its puppies. Your doctor can tell you if your dog is pregnant around 3 weeks following the mating, but you should know a little about detecting pregnancies in your English Bulldog before it goes unnoticed for too long.

How To Tell If English Bulldog Is Pregnant


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The first thing you can look at is a change in energy. When your dog is pregnant, it can take a lot of energy to do activities that she would have done very easily before. A routine walk down the block might cause your dog to take a very long and deep nap afterwards. If this nap is abnormal for her, then that might be a sign that a walk is taking more energy than usual. Sometimes your dog would just stop doing a lot of the playful activities that she did before. She might not play with her favorite toys or she might not even want to play fetch the same way she did before.

When you notice that your dog is becoming a lot lazier, you might want to take this as one of the signs that she might be pregnant. If there’s no way that she could be pregnant, then she might just be a little easier than usual, but if you have an unspayed dog and she was around other dogs recently you might want to consider pregnancy is an option and the reason for her low energy.


Dogs are used to routines. They eat the same meal everyday at around the same time and they’re likely very used to this. There’s not many times when your dog will simply stop eating the same amount that they did before. Usually dogs are always willing to eat more food, but seeing them begin to eat last night be cause for a vet visit. One of the signs of a pregnancy in a dog is a change in appetite. Sometimes the changes vary from dog to dog, but usually occurs as the pregnancy progresses.

Dogs will eat less during the first month after they become pregnant. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but when they’re experiencing a change in appetite it’s usually them needing to eat less. The increase in appetite comes in a second half of pregnancy when most dogs will begin some of the harder stages of growing the puppies. Their stomach isn’t able to hold as much as it was before because there’s puppies taking up more space so you should give your dog smaller portions throughout the day if you notice them eating more.

Discomfort or Pain Stomach

Noticing when your dog is in pain might be a little difficult. Dogs do different things when they’re in pain so it’s very important to know your dog very closely. Some dogs like to hide when they’re in pain so that their owners don’t see them. Other dogs might just become very lazy and burrow on to their bed. Sometimes you might hear whimpering or more barking than normal and this might be them trying to alert you to their injury.

Stomach pain is very common in pregnant Bulldogs. They may experience some occurrences of morning sickness like adult women do when they’re pregnant. An upset stomach may occur at any time throughout the day however and I might not always result in vomiting. Usually their stomach will come down once there later in their pregnancy but in the beginning the stomach discomfort is very common. You can notice stomach discomfort if they don’t want to be picked up or if they’re a little moodier than usual.

Changes in Behavior

Your dog is going through a lot of different things when they’re pregnant. Since they’re growing many puppies, you might notice some behavioral changes as the pregnancy begins. Since they’re feeling some kind of discomfort and laziness, you might notice that they’re snappier than usual. If your dog usually likes being pet and held but they don’t want that to occur anymore, then that’s a change of behavior that can be attributed to a pregnancy.

Changes in personality are bound to occur. For example if your dog usually is very independent and they might become more clingy and attention-seeking. That also means the dogs who are known to snuggle with their humans might prefer to sleep on their own bed. These behavioral changes are occurring because of the hormone fluctuations in their body and they can be attributed to the physical changes that your dog is experiencing while they’re pregnant. This is very temporary but it will likely last the whole pregnancy. Be very mindful of what your dog is experiencing and understand your Bulldogs personality will return once they have their litter.

Urinating More Often

You should always pay attention to how often your dog urinates. Oftentimes, when changes in urination frequency occur, they can be attributed to a health issue. A dog who’s pregnant is bound to urinate very frequently, but to catch this change in urination frequency, you need to always be aware of how often your dog goes to urinate. This is a good thing to keep in mind even if you aren’t expecting your dog to be pregnant because many times certain health issues show themselves and cause your dog to urinate less or more frequently.

The reason why your dog is urinating more while they’re pregnant is because the puppies are growing and feeling her abdominal cavity. As they fill the cavity, their other organs have less space, and that means the puppies are pressing up against the bladder. Your dog will need to go outside to urinate more often because the bladder cannot fill up the way it did before. Always be sure to keep a puppy pad on the floor around the house or make sure you take them outside to urinate more frequently.

Larger Nipples

When your dog has been pregnant for about one month, her nipples will become enlarged and more prominent. They also might change their appearance and be darker or pinker than usual. Blood flow to the area will increase and the mammary glands will develop in preparation to feed the upcoming puppies. The teats will grow larger as the due date is near. If your dog is pregnant, you might also notice some clear fluid leaking from the nipples spontaneously or when they’re stimulated. Dripping milk occurs about one month into the pregnancy but in other dog’s this might not be evident until a week before they’re going to give birth. Either way, take a look at your dog’s nipples to see if they’re growing. If it’s very early into the pregnancy might not see much of a growth, but be on the lookout for any discharge that might occur.

Vaginal Discharge

Another thing that might occur is vaginal discharge. This is easy to miss because the spots might dry up quickly or you might just assume that your dog has peed. The secretion is usually thicken mucus like so you shouldn’t confuse it for p. It might even have a pinkish tinge. You don’t have to be concerned if you see this happening, but if there’s a lot of blood present, the pregnancy might be in danger. Also, be on the lookout for if the discharge is brown, black or green. If the discharge has anything but clear or light pink, be sure that you bring your Bulldog to the vet to try to save their litter.

Weight Gain

Weight gain usually occurs in the second half of the pregnancy, but you might notice a little bit of a weight gain in the first half of it. If you notice that your Bulldog is gaining weight little by little and you see they’re growing, chances are that your dog is well past the halfway point in their pregnancy. If you haven’t taken them to a vet before this time, you should set up an appointment as quickly as possible. Around day 35 of the pregnancy is when their appetite grows and their belly begins to swell. By the time they deliver the puppies their weight will be up to 50% more than they normally are.


Nesting is what occurs when your dog is getting ready to give birth. This is when they try to find a nice and secluded area to give birth. They also might try to make the area more comfortable to ensure that they have a better time and labor. You might notice your dog collecting things like blankets or pillows and pulling them into a closet or a corner. Let them do this or help them to make the area more comfortable. You can also create a nesting area of yourself if you like. Oftentimes if you make them the area, there’s no guarantee that they’ll use it, but be sure that you give them a secluded area to give birth and nest in.

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How to Take Care of a Pregnant Dog

Caring for a pregnant dog can be a lot of work. While you’re waiting for your dog to give birth, you need to make sure that they’re getting proper nutrition. To get proper nutrition this usually means feeding your dog puppy food. They will need twice the calorie intake that they need it before the pregnancy so they’ll need to be fed a lot. You also need to give your dog a lot of Veterinary Care. They should have An ultrasound and blood test done when they’re 21 days to confirm their pregnancy. 45 days into their pregnancy you can get X-rays done to know the number and size of the puppies. You can still make sure that your dog gets exercise, but make sure it’s not strenuous or stressful.

Length of Pregnancy

There are different lengths of pregnancies. Canine gestation is usually around 63 days or about nine weeks. Some dog pregnancies have been known to take only 58 days while others may take longer and be at around 71 days. Any time in that range is normal, so you don’t have to worry. Sometimes it might take a long time for your dog to get out of labor. Be sure that they’re comfortable and that nothing is going wrong, but if you do notice that they haven’t given birth to all the puppies, you will need to take them to the emergency vet.

Make sure that you don’t try to guess if your dog is pregnant. The signs will help you determine if you need to take them to the vet to determine if they’re pregnant and how you need to proceed to ensure they have a viable pregnancy.