How Much Do Whippets Cost?

The Whippet has the reputation of a small Greyhound, but it does have its own unique qualities. Many sporty people enjoy the whippet because of its size. It’s small enough to sit on your lap but large enough to make a good running partner. It also needs more than 40 minutes of exercise everyday, so if you’re an active dog owner the Whippet is a great match for your lifestyle. The two things that make Whippets happy or sprinting full speed and sleeping curled up once they’re done exercising. They’re very quiet house dogs and that’s why they work well with families who have children or other pets.

If you’re thinking about getting a whippet for a companion, you need to know the price of it. There are a lot of things that affect the price, that there are general ranges that you can expect to pay for this dog.

How Much Do Whippets Cost

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whippet puppies usually cost between 1200 USD and 2,000 USD. This is a large range, but there are a lot of different factors that affect the price of the dog. There is a possibility of you adopting a whippet, but this is a rare case. If you do find a way that you can adopt, then you can expect to pay between 200 USD and 500 USD.

The reason why the price is usually so high is because you’ll have to go to a breeder. A lot of times, the price of the dog is left up to the breeder and depending on what kind of benefits you get from buying from them, the price can be rather high. There are a lot of things that the breeder has to do to properly raise the whippet, and a lot of that includes taking care of the parents, taking care of the puppies and also screening the puppies for any health issues to guarantee that they’re healthy dogs.

If you go to an adoption center and find a whippet you can adopt, the adoption fee is a lot less than the fee that you have to pay for my breeder. The only thing about the adoption center is that they cannot tell you much about the dogs since it’s usually surrendered to them. If you want to know anything about the dog, you would likely have to get them screened and tested yourself, and you also won’t have a chance to take a look at their pedigree because the shelter will not know it. Either way, a lot of people prefer to adopt because there are so many dogs in shelters, but if you can’t find a whippet in a shelter that a breeder is an option.

Factors That Impact the Cost

When you’re buying a whippet you might be shocked by the high price of the dog. The high price is often attributed to the cost of medications and vaccines that the breeder has to give the puppies. They also usually test the parents before they breed them and chip the puppies. They spend a lot of money to make sure that they are selling high-quality puppies and that adds to the price. It might seem high, but cheaper puppies from irresponsible breeders can have inherited health issues or temperament issues that responsible breeders would seek to eradicate. Before you buy a whippet you should understand the factors that impact the price so that you can get a healthy dog that fits your price range.


Age might seem like an odd thing to affect the price to you, but the demand for younger dogs is very high. Puppies are very expensive because many potential dog owners are looking for a whippet puppy to raise. If the demand is high in the supply is low, that means the prices will be very high for you when you’re looking to buy your whippet puppy. The price is also going to be raised if there’s very little breeders raising whippet puppies in your area. You’ll end up paying a significant price for a whippet puppy when there’s hardly any supply for you to choose from.

When a puppy grows older, buyers become less interested in it. Puppies are usually sold first by breeders and usually before a litter is born, they have people who have already made deposits on the puppy. If you do come across an older dog, the price will drastically be reduced and if you’re on a budget a dog that’s not a puppy would be a great choice. a lot of times breeders don’t keep dogs that are older because they can’t sell them, but if the puppy has even been there for a few months longer than usual, this would be a great dog for you to buy.

Coat Color

If you’re looking for a show dog, usually the color of the coat is very important, but with whippets it’s a rare breed so it is unlikely to be disqualified in a show because of its coat. That’s why you can get a whippet and a wide variety of colors and there’s often a lot of combinations of colors. The basic color of a whippet includes black, chocolate, blue, brindle or fawn. These colors are the standard colors of whippets so you won’t see a price increase on puppies of these common coat colors.

The rare colors will cause a spike in price. Dun colored whippets are the most rare which means the deep chocolate ones that you rarely see will be the most expensive. They’re usually easily recognizable because they have a pink or brown colored nose when they’re born. Another whip it does rather where is the white whippet because it doesn’t have any color and it rarely occurs in the Whippet puppies. If you’re getting a chocolate or white with it, this will greatly increase the price so if you don’t care about the color of your dog consider getting a standard black or blue colored Whippet.

Breeder Reputation and Location

More popular breders have a better reputation and that’s why your puppies remember going to be more costly. The supply the popular breeders have will did not meet their demand and that means what is available will have a very high price. Breeders know that people will buy from them no matter how high their prices are if they’re reputable. If you’re dealing with a reputable breeder, they’re someone who keeps track of the pedigrees of their puppies, chips their dogs, vaccinates their dogs, and screens them for health issues. This means you should have access to all of that information if you’re paying such a high price for a dog.

The location of your breeder is important because if your brother is close to you, you don’t have to pay many transportation fees. Many times, there are enough with it later so you’ll likely have to go out of your area to find one. The further the breeder is from you the more you’ll have to spend on transportation. Either you’ll have to take the time to take a long road trip there or you’ll have to pay for them to transport your dog by plane. Breeders will often charge you for the flight nanny that they have on the plane to travel with the dog and that’s an extra cause you’ll need to keep it in mind if you’re getting your whippet puppy from far away.

If You Have or Want a Whippet

If you want to own a Whippet, you need to know about them first. Getting a Whippet when you’re unfamiliar with them is bad as you won’t know the proper way to look after them. For your dog to have the best health, be comfortable in your home and presence, you need to understand them fully.

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Popularity of the Breed

Whippets are fairly popular dogs and that means that there might be a high demand for them in your area. The popularity of the dog is important because that decreases the supply of dogs in your area. If everyone is deciding they want to whip it at the same time, then breeders will not be able to keep up with the demand. That means they’ve overpriced the puppies they do have available because so many people want them.

Overall, breeders you’re experiencing a high demand for whippets currently. They’re the 55th and most owned dog in the United States currently. It became popular mainly because of how sporty the dog is. Owners who enjoy going on hikes or runs love that they can have a dog that can keep up with them. It also works because the dog is medium sized and very active which means the owners who need smaller dogs can still have the level of activity that they would have with a larger dog. Currently, if you’re considering getting a whippet puppy and you do not have the budget for the current prices, you should wait to see if the popularity decreases so that the price will go down with it.

Health Screenings and Exams

Reputable breeders are usually popular because of their healthy dogs. You might be assuming that the breeder will sell healthy dogs, but this isn’t always the case. There are responsible breeders who test the parents that their breeding and the puppies of the litter. Because a lot of dogs are prone to getting diseases like hip dysplasia or heart issues, responsible breeders will get them screened at organizations dedicated to orthopedic or cardiac health for dogs. This can be a very expensive process which means that the price will increase, but you will know that you have a healthy dog without those diseases.

Also, a lot of readers initially test the parents to be sure they don’t have any serious already hereditary diseases that they will pass on to their offspring. This makes sure that they meet breed standards but it also ensures that the litter is healthy. Having healthy litters consistently and understanding selective breeding is often what makes breeders very popular. The care the breeder shows their dog will ensure that you’re getting a healthy dog. Since there’s such a high price tag attached to the Whippet puppies, you should ensure that you’re getting all of the screenings and health guarantees from the breeders so that you aren’t paying for an unhealthy dog.

You’re likely going to have to get your with it from a breeder, but ensure that the price you’re paying works for the dog that you’re getting. If you’ve never worked for the breeder before, pay close attention to how your puppy is taken care of and how the parents are taken care of. Also, make sure you will have access to vaccination records and pre-registration. Hopefully, when you go through the process of finding a whippet puppy you end up with a dog that you love.