How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

Golden retrievers are the third most popular breed in America for a reason. They’re known for being very friendly and intelligent. They were part of the sporting group of dogs so they’re very active and obedient. They have their origins of being a brilliant Scottish gun dog and today they’re very serious workers either hunting, doing fieldwork, or guiding disabled people who need assistance. They enjoy obeying orders and they are amazing at search and rescue. The best part about the golden retrievers that after they do their job they love lots of love and attention.

If you’re interested in getting a golden retriever, then you’ll need to know the cost of obtaining a puppy. Usually, you can find a Golden Retriever or two at a shelter but that might be a little rare. Otherwise, you might have to go to a breeder to obtain your dog. Because of that there’s a wide range of prices that you can end up paying depending on the breeder that you go to in the type of dog that you get. Here’s more information about what you might end up paying for a golden retriever.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost

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Golden Retriever puppies can be a little on the expensive side.

If you go to a breeder, your golden retriever puppy will be around 500 USD to 2000 USD. If you’re looking for a pet quality golden retriever then your puppy will be in that range but the show quality golden retrievers will be around 3000 USD. Oftentimes, this price is high because good breeders will spend around 8,000 USD caring for their litter of puppies, and they have to make the money back that they use to pay for all of the screening and caring for the puppies.

The price of the puppy doesn’t always mean that the dogs are high quality, but if you’re going to a breeder who is selling their dogs for 500 USD or less, be very wary. Do your own investigation before you choose to purchase a puppy and make sure you go and see the puppies and how they live before you buy it. Ask the breeder if you can visit, meet the parents, meet your puppy and ask for veterinarian medical forms. Any reputable breeder will have no issue with these requests and they’ll also guarantee that they can be there if you have any questions following the adoption.

If you’re going to a shelter, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a puppy but you can find an adult dog. Shelter adoption prices will usually be between 50 USD and 300 USD for an adult golden retriever dog. This breed is very in demand so you might run into trouble finding them at a shelter or a Humane Society. You’ll often find a lot of birds that are mixed with Golden Retrievers and shelters and Humane Societies however. You’re more likely to find a mixed breed in the shelter than a purebred and if you just want a pet quality dog, then a mixed breed might be perfect for you.

Service dogs are in a whole other price range. Golden retrievers are a good choice for service dogs Because of their willingness to obey and dependable nature. It’s often used for guide dogs work or for people who are deaf. These dogs are also brief therapy dogs because of how affectionate they are. If you want a golden retriever service dog, it will cost you around 25,000 USD. It also undergoes rigorous training and they need to be certified in so many things to give the care that it’s disabled owner needs. You can often find programs that might help you with the prize or even help you come up with a way to pay for it.

Factors that Impact the Price


Play just one thing that impacts the price of the golden retriever. If you want an older golden retriever, they’re less in demand. They do not live as long as the puppies will and you won’t get to spend the amount of time with them that you would if they were a puppy. Even though they might be older you still have a lot of years of love and affection with them. Getting an older dog will be great for people who can’t spend a lot of time housebreaking raising a puppy. You cannot closely monitor a puppy, so getting an older dog is a great way to still get the golden retriever that you love. If you want an adult golden retriever, you can go to a lot of shelters or humane societies until you find one. Most of the time breeders don’t sell adult puppies because they sell their litters before they grow.

Coat Color

There are a lot of other colors of Golden Retrievers even though the one that you picture in your mind might be gold. They can be various shades of cream, red, gold or even black. Breeders will often charge more for the rarity of the black and cream colored golden retrievers. If you want these colors, then you’re going to pay closer to 3000 USD even though it’s the same as any other Golden Retriever. If you want the look of the rare dogs, you can get that, but the more commonly golden shades will be a lot cheaper. Also, if you plan on participating in dog shows, then you need to have a golden dog to meet the breed standard. Otherwise you can save a lot of money on getting a standard colored golden retriever because the coat color will not change how they act and you’ll still have a loving and obedient dog.


Many people choose male or female dogs based on the personality rather than the price because the personality of a golden retriever is what makes it so popular to people. Even though male and female golden retrievers cost about the same, there are examples of female golden retrievers having a slightly different personality. Female golden retrievers tend to be calmer and more independent while their male counterparts are very energetic and affectionate. Many times, the male golden retrievers are more in demand, so you might pay more for them. Otherwise, if you want a female golden retriever you’ll still have a loving dog, but they’ll just be a little bit calmer.


Lineage and bloodlines also impact the price. Show dogs that are successful or champions are often bred together so that they make show quality puppies. These puppies have a very high price tag, and they usually sell for around 3,000 USD to 5000 USD per puppy. The cost of breeding a show quality litter of puppies is around 24,000 USD. There’s no guarantee that these dogs will be healthier than other golden retrievers, but they will have the bloodlines of show quality dogs that might impact their temperament or look.

Certifications and Warranties

Puppies with warranties, guarantees or certification will cost a lot more than puppies without them. Usually, a dog with a pedigree and certification will cost double the price of one without those things. A lot of people assume that breeders with a lot of certifications are reputable, but even ones with outstanding certifications can have less than desirable conditions for their dogs. Make sure you probably research every breeder that you’re thinking about buying from and that you visit them to see how they raise their dogs.

The thing about guarantees and warranties is that you’ll know that you’ll be getting what you pay for and if you don’t, and you can usually return the dog. Certifications are great because then you know the quality of the dog. Either way, you just want to make sure that you have the veterinarian signed health papers to let you know that you’re getting a healthy dog.

Location of the Breeder

The location of the breeder can also impact the prize because highly populated areas will charge a lot higher prices than rural breeders and shelters. They have a population that will pay that price. Different cities and states have different breeding regulations and the pricing might also increase because of the breeding charges that the state enforces. If you plan on adopting or purchasing a dog from a shelter that isn’t local, you need to pay for the price of picking up your dog.

That also goes for buying a dog from a breeder that’s very far from you. A lot of time they need to fly the dog to you and you’ll have to pay for a flight nanny for the dog. Overall, it’s a lot more expensive to buy a dog that’s further from you, so ensure that you can go on a road trip to get the dog or buy from someone very close to you.

You Need to Know This About Your Golden Retriever!

If you want to own a golden retriever, or own one, you need to know about them first. Getting a golden retriever when you’re unfamiliar with them is a bad idea as you won’t know the proper way to look after them. For your dog to have the best health, be comfortable in your home and presence, you need to understand them fully.

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Long Term Costs


Golden retrievers are usually very intelligent, but you will likely want to enroll your puppy in training classes. Group trained classes will be around 50 USD to 125 USD for 8 weeks. There are also individual professional training sessions, but those are more expensive and are usually around 50 USD per session. You can train them yourself, but you might not have the time or energy to do so. Overall you want to set aside money for your puppy to be trained and some kind of training to make your time house training them easier.


Price of grooming varies a lot because of the look that some owners prefer. Some owners who want a natural look will not have to spend much money on grooming sessions because all you need is a good brush (view on Amazon) and some dog shampoo. If you want a cleaner cut for your golden retriever, you’ll pay around 70 USD per session and you’ll likely have to take your dog to the groomer around 3 to 4 times a year. Besides that, part of grooming involves spending money on nail clippers, spending money on dog toothbrushes (view on Amazon) and ensuring that their ears are cleaned with ear cleaning solutions.

Food and Treats

Golden retrievers have big appetites so you’ll spend quite a bit on food and treats. Golden retrievers are large dogs which means they’ll eat around four cups of food for a day. You should buy a good quality 30 pound bag of food (view on Amazon) for around 55 USD and it will last around 5 weeks. If you choose to purchase higher-quality goods, you might pay up to 1000 USD per year feeding your dog.

There are many reasons why you might want a golden retriever, but either way you’ll end up with a wonderful dog. No matter where you get your golden retrievers, they’ll still have their very loving and obedient nature. Be sure that you’re getting a healthy dog that’s well socialized from a breeder and make sure you see how they’re kept to know that you’re supporting a reputable breeder.