How Much Do Ferrets Cost

The first time you see a ferret, you probably won’t be able to get over how cute it is. They’re very active, playful animals. It’s hard not to think about how cute they are when you see them at the pet store, and you might jump into wanting one.

Ferret owners always talk about how delighted they are to have their ferret, so it’s easy to be pulled into owning one. Before you get a pet, you should always know more information about it and you should always know how much it will cost you. While any pet has daily costs, ferrets do have an initial cost that you have to consider. Here’s more information about ferrets and how much it will cost you to own one.

How Much do Ferrets Cost

There’s a lot that goes into purchasing a ferret, because while there’s an initial cost for purchasing the actual animal, there’s also costs that repeatedly stack up over time as you own and care for the ferret. Here are some general numbers that you can keep in your mind if you’re considering buying a ferret.

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The cost of getting the Ferret

This is a varying number, depending on where you are and what kind of ferret you get, but there are ranges that you can keep in mind. The cost of a ferret can range anywhere from 50 USD to 250 USD. This number might be different depending on how old they are, where you get them, and what breed of ferret it is.

The cheapest breed for a ferret is the white albino ferret, which is usually around 50 USD and 130 USD. Second cheapest option for you would be the Sable ferret mixes, which should be around $130 minimum. If you want something that’s more expensive, then you can look at the black Sable ferret, which you can expect to pay around $250 maximum.

If you’re wondering why age matters in the price of the ferret, here’s some more information about that. High demand means a higher price. Because there’s such a high demand for younger ferrets, these ferrets are more expensive. People want baby ferrets because they’re easier to train and bond to, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get an older ferret and have a great experience. If you really feel the need to get a baby ferret, you can, but old ferrets are just as wonderful to have as younger ferrets. If you’re looking to cut the budget down, then buying an older one is an easy way to do that.

And, where you buy it from matters because breeders are more expensive than pet stores. You should check at your local pet store for an option because this is where you’ll get a cheap, healthy ferret. If you’re not particular about the breed of the ferret, then this is a great place to go and you’ll likely find out everything about the ferret that you need to know.

You can also adopt a ferret, which means all you’ll have to pay is the adoption fee, which is usually around 20 USD or less. If you visit your local humane societies or shelters to see if they have one, you could end up with a cheap, healthy ferret still. It’s good to know that you don’t have to go to a breeder to get the animal you want.

If you do end up going to a private breeder for your ferret, then there are some pros and cons. The benefits are that you can get a family history of the ferret so you know if there are any genetic predispositions to diseases.

Cost of Taking Care of the Ferret

Once you buy the ferret, you have to get the things you know you’ll need for it to survive.

The first thing you’ll need is a cage. The cage should be large enough to give your space to place while they’re inside. While you can let your ferret out, they’re small creatures, and you might lose them in your house if you leave them running wild unobserved. these cages usually have multiple tears so that your favorite can climb up and down them and have some entertainment. You want to give your ferret the best environment and it has in that cage so that it doesn’t freak out every time it goes inside of it.

The cost of a cage (View on Amazon) is relatively cheap, It is likely that you could end up paying more than that for a better cage. The best options are ones with multiple stories and shelves inside for your favorite to play on. You want there to be enough space for a bed and some toys and for moving around. It went to think about how you can provide your favorite with the best home you can.

Now since you have a cage for the ferret, you need cage accessories and a bed. One of the most common cage accessories is a little hideaway or your ferret. They like to have places to retreat to when they don’t want to be seen, and it can also double as a little bedding house if you want it to.

They should have a separate bed to lay in that exposes them to the environment around them so they’re socialized. A popular option is a hanging bed (View on Amazon) and it doesn’t have to hang if you don’t want it to.

You’ll also have to buy food for your ferret, and the cost depends on what kind you buy. It can be a wet or dry option, and you’ll want to buy food specifically made for ferrets so your is properly fed. A good dry food option is the Kaytee Premium Ferret Food (View on Amazon), which is affordable at 6.47 for 4 lbs of dry food.

If you want a wet food option, then you should know that Evanger’s Maximum Turkey food cans (View on Amazon) are great wet options for ferret owners. Even though other people’s ferrets loved this food, you can see what your ferret likes and buy that. They need a combination of wet and dry food everyday, and otherwise, you can give them a treat or two throughout the day. They’re small creatures so you won’t go through a lot of food everyday, but they do need 8 to 10 small scopps of food for their high metabolism.

Lastly, your ferret will need vaccinations and it’ll need to be spayed or neutered if it’s a young ferret that hasn’t been. These costs will be around 200 USD all together, but if you get a ferret that already has these things, you won’t need to do this. Usually ferrets from breeders and adoption centers have these things done already, so you might want to consider getting a ferret from one of these places to escape the cost.

Before purchasing a ferret, you’ll want to make sure you can meet all of these costs so that you can provide the best home for your new ferret.

How Long is the Life Expectancy

As long as the ferret is alive, you’ll have these costs, so you’ll want to make sure you’re dedicated to the ferret for all of its life. There are many different factors that go into how long ferrets live.

Now, they usually live for around 5 to 9 years. What dictates how long they live is how early the ferrets were spayed or neutered. Those who were neutered young, which are likely the ones from the pet store, will live a shorter lifespan because they’re spayed and neutered before their hormones are fully developed. Breeders usually wait until the ferrets are around a year old before they spay or neuter them, which allows them to live longer.

Since the life expectancy varies, just assume you’ll be caring for this ferret for 9 years, which is the max amount of time. Of course, take into consideration how old the ferret is when you get it. Either way, it’s a long term commitment that you’re making to the ferret, so make sure you understand that.

If you have the money and time to care for your ferret, they make amazing pets. You have to make sure you spend a decent amount of time handling your ferret too because the monetary contribution isn’t the only important part of taking care of a ferret. Figure out what they like to do when they play and take the time to groom them. You might realize that you have a new best friend.