Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is one of America’s most popular dog breeds. It is a medium sized dog with a soft, golden coat. It’s popular because of its friendliness and willingness to obey its owner. These dogs have a joyous approach to life, and they love playing and being energetic with everyone, even those they don’t know. Because they’re so playful and kind, they make great additions to families with children. Even though there’s so many benefits to owning a Golden Retriever, it may not be the dog that you’re looking for. If that’s the case, here are some dogs that look like Golden Retrievers for you to consider owning.

Dogs That Look Like Golden Retrievers


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The Newfoundland dog is known for its easy going nature. It largely resembles the golden retriever because of its floppy ears and long muzzle, but is very different from a golden retriever in size. Golden retrievers are known as medium sized dogs, but the Newfoundland dog is gigantic. By the time it’s fully grown it will be around 150 lbs. They generally have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs, but that doesn’t make them any less of a good dog. These dogs are very friendly and our great family dogs. They also make great show dogs if you’re interested in participating in those shows.

Before you get a Newfoundland dog, you should understand that it needs close monitoring. Breeds as large as the Newfoundland have been known to develop Orthopedic issues. They need to be raised carefully so that you don’t miss any health issues. Socializing a Newfoundland is very important because without socialization they might be suspicious of new people. Once they’ve been socialized, they’re very playful and kind dogs. They also love doing physical activities like playing in water. If you’re looking for a dog that’s very devoted to their owners, then Newfoundland would be perfect for you.

Irish Setters

The Irish Setter also remembers the golden retriever because of its floppy ears and long muscle. It’s also a little closer to the golden retriever size than the Newfoundland dog. Irish shutters are known for being very charming and caring for you. They’re often described as enthusiastic and tireless because of their high energy. These dogs are a calm and fun loving companion for people who love exercising. If your sporty person then your Irish Setter will be excited to run alongside you on long runs or hikes.

Before you get an Irish Setter, you should know that it’s a good choice for families with older children. They’re very rambunctious and active so they might be a little dangerous around toddlers. On the bright side, if you have other dogs or a cat, they will get along very well. You also don’t have to worry about them interacting with guests that you have in your home because they’re very outgoing and friendly. The Irish Setter is also known for its medium length coat and it’s intelligent eyes.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are well-known hunting dogs. Is made to withstand brutally cold Winters and to hunt waterfowl. This dog is known for its protective nature and it’s very fond and careful with children. It’s a very good guard dog and it’s very independent. If you’re looking for an assertive and confident dog to add to your home, then the Chesapeake Bay Retriever would be perfect for you. The dog is a hunting dog, so it doesn’t do well as a companion dog. If you’re a very active person and you want a dog that will be alongside you during jogs or runs, then this is a perfect dog.

Before you get a Chesapeake Bay Retriever you should know about some are the more unique features of them. It doesn’t do well around strangers so make sure that you were in The Strangers who come into your home. It’s also very stubborn and independent so it’s not that great at following orders. If you do not give this dog the exercise they need, it will become very depressed and withdrawn. They also become very destructive if you don’t give them the mental stimulation and physical stimulation that they need. Overall, this is an uncommon breed, so be aware of the fact that it might be a little expensive to own one.

Labrador Retrievers

Just like the golden retriever, Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular purebred dogs in the United States. It’s known for being a very versatile dog and suited to a variety of families. If your family is rowdy with older children, then this is a great addition, but it might be a little rambunctious around toddlers because they’re very excitable. The dog also works well for active seniors who want a guard dog or someone to be with them on walks. As long as the dog gets exercise, the labrador retriever will work well in small city apartments or isolated country homes.

Before you get a Labrador Retriever, you should take account of your routine. Labrador Retrievers do not do well when they’re isolated for long periods of time. Be sure that you have someone spend time with them if they’re going to be alone for more than a few hours. Otherwise, there are not many negatives to owning this dog. You should know that you need to brush them once or twice a week to keep the fur from being scattered around your home. Also, make sure you give them the exercise they need so that they don’t become bored and make their own entertainment.


This dog is known for its resemblance to a lion. This is a giant dog that can weigh between 120 to 170 pounds. It’s primarily a family companion. It has a lot of good qualities, but you need to ensure that your dog is trained so that it’s an easy dog to live with. The dog is prone to a lot of health problems just like many other giant dogs are and it only lives around 6 to 8 years. This dog is known for its potential for destruction if they’re left alone for a long time, and it’s very active so you need to be sure to give it proper exercise. They make good hiking companions because of their active nature. Be sure that you’re okay with helping them expend energy Throughout the day.

Otherwise, this dog is very kind. They’re a great companion for people who don’t mind being active. It’s a great family dog and they love cuddling. They can also go along with other dogs and cats who live in the household. Make sure that you train them properly so that they can be great around strangers. They’re not very apartment friendly for their size, but if you have a large yard and a large home then this dog would be perfect for you. It also requires a lot of grooming so be prepared to brush your dog at least once a day.

Great Pyrenees

This dog is very unique. It was once known as the royal dog of France. It has a very imposing presence because of its large size. These dogs are often around 25 to 32 inches tall and around 85 to 115 pounds heavy. It was used to protect for a long time. It’s a very independent dog and it is very stubborn. Today, this dog is primarily used as a family companion. Sometimes they’re used as livestock guardians. They have a lot of good qualities because they’re very calm and protective. Understand that you’ll have to do a lot of training and socializing once you do decide to get this dog.

This is a great dog for families. It’s a moderately active dog and it will do great in busy families. Moderate exercise will be fine for this dog, and you need to have a secure and fenced-in yard to prevent them from roaming. This dog is very sensitive to eat so be careful when you’re exercising them in the summer. This dog is also known for drooling so you have to wipe its mouth every time it drinks. Otherwise, just be aware that this is a giant breed of dog. They’re also very suspicious so make sure you warn unexpected visitors. If you’re okay with all of those things, then this would be a perfect dog.

You Need to Know This About Your Golden Retriever

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Flat Coated Retriever

This is one of the closest breeds to a golden retriever. It’s a very cheerful dog and it’s easy to train. It’s just as eager to please it’s a golden retriever is and it is a keen retriever of objects, especially in bodies of water. It is a large dog that sheds a lot, but it’s an amazing family dog. If you don’t mind a dog that loves to be with you all the time, then you’ll find a lot of happiness and owning this dog. If you enjoy running, cross country skiing or hiking, you’ll find a perfect companion in this dog. Make sure you train this dog and exercise it daily because it will find ways to distract itself.

In general, when you look at this dog you’ll see a dog that has a rectangular body. It also is known for its long one piece head. It has very kind, dark brown eyes that usually have an intelligent expression. This is one of the few sporting breeds that does not have separate lines of show dogs and field dogs. This means the dog that you use as a show dog will do just as well using his hunting instincts in the field. The only downside of this dog is that it does require regular bathing and brushing because they often enjoy jumping in mud or rolling in grass.

There are not many dogs that resemble the golden retriever. The golden retriever’s unique look and friendly personality, but there are some dogs that come close to looking or acting like the golden retriever. Overall, all dogs are unique and many other dogs listed will check boxes at the golden retriever doesn’t. Be sure that you know that the dog fits into your home and that you get a dog that fits your routine and schedule.