Do Maltipoos Bark a Lot?

There are many joyful things about owning a dog. They make amazing companions and they’ll be the first to comfort you when something is wrong. The only negative thing about owning a dog is that they can be rather loud sometimes. All dogs bark because it’s just what dogs do. A lot of times, dogs bark for numerous reasons, and sometimes certain breeds are known for being excessive barkers. Guard dogs will bark when they sense danger and hunting dogs are trained to bark to scare prey out of hiding places.

There’s usually a specific reason for barking, especially if you own a Maltipoo. They’re not known for being big barkers, so you can easily solve their barking with close attention and environment adjustment.

Do Maltipoos Bark A Lot

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Maltipoos do not bark a lot. They do bark a little more than other dogs so they’re not known as a quiet breed, but they are usually sweet companions. They’re very loving dogs and are known for being very engaging with people. They’re very charming and get along with everyone.

Because of their affection, you might find that they’re barking for attention. Also, if they are anxious or bored, they might bark excessively. Besides that, there are not a lot of reasons why your Maltipoo will bark a lot, so you should pay attention to them if you hear excessive barking in your home. If you change their environment, you should find that your Maltipoo is barking less.

Reasons Why Your Maltipoo is Barking

Anxiety and Fear

A lot of dogs have fear and anxiety, especially when their environment is changing. If they hear a new sound, they can get scared and the reaction is usually a bark. If they’re cornered, they might also get aggressive and begin to bark. They also might go into protection mode and bark if there’s someone that they don’t know around. The barking might be high pitched if they’re scared or anxious.

With anxiety and fear in dogs, you don’t want to ignore this kind of barking. It’s very important that your dog feels like it’s in a safe environment and if you don’t make their environment safer, you’ll find that your dog is very stressed and depressed. If you know what’s making them scared, remove it from their environment. Usually, you can figure out if it’s a loud sound, like if there’s construction outside, or if it’s a new person in the house, which means you need to socialize them and get them used to the new person.

Even though the barking might seem excessive, your dog believes there is a present fear and you need to remedy the situation. If there’s a factor that you can’t remove from the environment that;s scaring them, like construction outside, you need to comfort them. Your dog likely just needs reassurance that there is no danger. Distracting them is also a great thing to do. Get them their favorite toy and play fetch with them. Some dogs enjoy watching TV, so you can turn on the TV to drown out the sound. Either way, there are things that you can do to make sure your dog is less anxious and fearful of the circumstance.

If your dog is generally very anxious all the time, you might want to consider taking them to the vet. Your vet can come up with a treatment plan for their anxiety, and it might involve medication. If it’s a chronic anxiety for your dog, medication will be prescribed and you just need to be sure that your dog is taking it daily. Otherwise, if the anxiety is circumstantial, then you can make them feel better about their environment.


Maltipoos make great dogs for families because they’re very affectionate. They love being with their owners and people in general. You won’t find them being aggressive with new guests that you bring home because they love any more attention that they can get. Your Maltipoo will enjoy being pet frequently and they’ll also enjoy being held since they’re smaller dogs. Even though this might seem like an amazing thing to have in a companion, it can be very tiresome and you might not be there to give them the attention they crave.

If you don’t give your Maltipoo the attention it wants at once, it will bark to get your attention. To prevent this attention-seeking barking, you need to schedule them for activities. Set aside time for walking, playing or training your Maltipoo. Your Maltipoo should get used to the schedule and know that they’ll get attention at specific times during the day. Older Maltipoos will be great at knowing when things are going to happen because they’re used to following routines, but if you have a puppy, they will not understand routines yet and you’ll need to get them in the groove of a set routine before you get them to stop barking.

Another thing you need to realize is that if you give your Maltipoo the attention they want whenever they want it, they’ll know that all they need to do is bark to get what they want. This is a bad thing to establish because your Maltipoo will find itself parking at inconvenient times to ensure that you give it what it wants.

The best thing you can do for a maltipoo is allow it to be more independent. Make sure that the house has toys and areas available to make yourself happy even if you’re home to give them the attention they want. Having an independent dog is very important because unless you can live your life at home, you want to make sure they can keep themselves busy on their own. Give your Maltipoo attention every day, but do not overdo it with the doting.


Maltipoos are prone to getting very bored. They’re small dogs that require a lot of activity and exercise, so if they’re bored more than usual, you might find that they’re barking a lot. They need a lot of activities to keep them busy. Without this activity, it will sound like your dog is barking constantly and rhythmically so it can hear its own voice. It can last for hours, and it might be their way of getting rid of excess energy. To minimize the amount of barking they do when they’re bored, you should give them a lot of toys and exercise with them at least an hour a day.

A great way to keep them from working is to buy a variety of toys. You can buy them a lot of different toys that will teach them the play independently. They need a lot of toys for chewing so that they can keep their mouth full and busy. Also, toys like puzzle feeders will be great for keeping your dog busy since they know they’re going to get a reward once the toy releases a treat. Usually these toys respond with noise or movement, so this is a great way to keep them busy.

You should have two sets of toys (view on Amazon) so that you can switch them out every once in a while to ensure your Maltipoo doesn’t get bored. Make sure that you understand which types of toys are their favorite. Some dogs will like more interactive toys, but others might prefer the plush toys (view on Amazon) that they can swing around and roughhouse with. Either way, you also want to make sure that you take them out on walks or runs. Maltipoos are very active dogs, so letting them loose in your backyard or allowing them to go to the dog park and play with other dogs is a great way to ensure that they aren’t bored. While dogs do well with a routine, they also need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to make sure that they aren’t bored.

You Need to Know This About Your Maltipoo

If you want to have a Maltipoo or own one, you need to know about them first. Getting a Maltipoo when you’re unfamiliar with them is a bad idea as you won’t know the proper way to look after them. For your dog to have the best health, be comfortable in your home and presence, you need to understand them fully.

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Dealing with Night Barking

Another thing that many dogs do is bark at night. At night is the time when you’re likely away from your dog and they might do this because they want attention, but this is very inconvenient for you because it might keep you up. Night is one of the times that you will likely not understand why your dog is barking. The best thing you can do is have a set schedule and an area for your dog to settle down at night in.

Many times you should prep your puppy or dog for bedtime. Usually, 2 hours before bedtime you can take your dog for a walk after the last meal of the day. If you feed them, give them dinner with a 20-minute rest and a 30-minute walk afterwards. Your dog will be very tired after this. You should also make sure the house goes into relax mode which means that you should turn down noises and dim the lights. Also, 20 minutes before bed make sure you give them one last bathroom trip to be sure they don’t need to pee at night.

You also need to have an area set up for your dog that will make them very comfortable. Dogs don’t like to feel confined, but you need to give them an area that gives them enough space. Usually, you can gate off any room in the house where they have their bed (view on Amazon), toys and water. Many dogs bark at night because they need to be near water supplies so if you give them a water bowl (view on Amazon) near their bed, they’ll be hydrated and sleep more.

Even though you might be up doing work or reading, you need to keep things super quiet. Your dog will feel like it’s time to be active if they hear a lot of noise or see the lights cut on, so be sure to pet them on their back and walk away from the area where they’re sleeping.

If you believe your dog is uncomfortable, do not ignore them. Be sure that your dog is warm and safe to be sure they have everything that they need. Also, if you hear whimpering, be sure to check on your dog because they might have harmed themselves or they might need to go use the bathroom. Even though it’s convenient to use the bathroom during night, you can leave a puppy pad in their area if you know that you won’t hear them barking. Usually setting them down with toys, some water and a comfortable bed will be enough to get them to settle down.

Dealing with a barking dog is hard, but you need to make sure that your dog is not injured or in need of something serious. If you know that your dog is fearful or bored, you need to tend to their needs so that they feel better. Otherwise, if you know that your dog is barking for attention, be sure that you let them bark for a while so that they don’t use barking to get their way. Get to know your dog and be sure that you’re giving them everything that they need to be happy in their environment.