Do Huskies Get Along with Cats

Huskies are very popular dogs. Many people enjoyed the Huskies beautiful coat and they’re great energy. Huskies are very friendly dogs and many dog owners adopt or buy them for that reason. Even though huskies are well-behaved dogs usually, they’re still prone to not getting along with other animals. If you own a husky and you want to own a cat, then there are a few things that you have to consider before you own one. Remember that these two animals will not hit it off without getting to know each other. There’s more information about huskies and whether they get along with cats.

The Personality of the Husky

Huskies are desirable dogs because of their personality. Many people love how free-spirited huskies are. They’re also well known for being athletic and playful. For owners who love being outdoors and exercising, the Husky is perfect. because husky should be taken for a walk or run everyday, outdoorsy people would enjoy owning a husky. Remember when you go outside they should be kept on a leash because they’re independent and we’ll run away on their own.

The friendliness and affection of the Husky make them amazing companions. Their friendliness extends to strangers and other dogs and that’s why the husky is a good choice for many people who have children. If you’re looking for a dog that you know will be time for the many people going in and out of your house, the husky is a great choice. Although you can’t expect them to be perfect dogs, the Husky will be better than other dogs when it comes to being around strangers and being trained.

Do Huskies Get Along with Cats

The answer to this question is sometimes. With work, your Husky can get along with the new cat. In the beginning, you have to train your Husky to get along with your cat because they’re not instinctually compatible. Your Husky still has a lot of their wild instincts that cause them to chase small animals. Your cat also has the tendency to be curious about things they don’t know and this might aggravate your husky. You have to teach both of your animals to coexist with one another and this can take quite a bit of time.

You can avoid all of this by getting your Husky and cat at the same time. If you haven’t done either yet, this is a good choice. If you get your Husky and your cat when they’re both young, then they’ll grow up being familiar with each other. They can even end up as friends if they grow up with one another. Because of this, you should consider getting them when they’re young if you can. If you’ve already gotten one of them, and you need to take the necessary steps to ensure that the Husky and the cat are used to each other. It is possible for them to still exist as one another if you train them.

Why Doesn’t your Husky Like Your Cat

Your husky doesn’t like your cat because of predatory instincts and their drive to chase things. there are all measures that you can take to ensure that their instincts and drive is lowered, are you can never truly get rid of it completely.

Your husky is born with predatory instincts because of how they were bred. Do Siberian Husky breed was originally bred in Siberia so that they could pull sleds. Their wolf- like instincts were also prominent because food was scarce and hard to find. Huskies are friendly and not aggressive towards other dogs but they should be supervised around small animals around your house. Small animals like squirrels, rabbits, birds and cats are things that can easily end up eaten by your husky.

They also use their predatory instincts to chase animals. When your cat runs, it can activate your Husky’s instinct to chase objects, and this response is closely related to their predatory aggression. The predatory sequence in dogs involves a series of events. They search for things to chase, stalk their prey, and chase them. Once they catch the animal, they bite and kill the animal so that they can eat it. This is a simple response and your husky might not carry out all of it. They might just run after the cat and gently play with the cat. Whether they chase the cat to play with it or to harm it is dependent on a few different factors. Getting your husky used to the cat will lessen the chance that they want to harm it.

Tips for Getting Your Husky Used to your Cat


Training them to coexist is very important. Gradually training your cat and dog to coexist is crucial to them getting along. You’ll need to see how each of them react when they’re allowed to exist around each other naturally. Constantly and consistently socializing them with one another is the key to ensuring that they eventually coexist.

It’s best to introduce your husky to your cat while you have one of them restrained. A baby gate is a great way to do this. The baby gate will allow them to see and sniff each other but they’ll still be separated. This way they can desensitize themselves from the other one’s existence. If you notice your dog being too fixated on the cat then you can divert his attention using toys or other cues. Your dogs will eventually lose interest in the cat over time. The baby gate will allow them to not overreact when it sees the cat because it’s already familiar with the cat’s presence.

Once you realize that they’re used to each other with the baby gate, you can choose to remove the baby gate and have one of them on a leash. You can usually put the dog on the leash and allow the two to exist around each other in an open space. Once you observe how they react to each other, you can choose if you want to remove the leash. Be ready to grab your dog’s collar at any time in case it decides to chase after the cat. Otherwise, you can observe them reacting to one another and see if they can exist without hurting each other.

If You Have or Want a Husky

If you want to own a husky, you need to know about them first. Getting a Husky when you’re unfamiliar with them is bad as you won’t know the proper way to look after them. For your dog to have the best health, be comfortable in your home and presence, you need to understand them fully.

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Crate Your Husky

putting your husky in a crate allows you to have a safe environment for your cat. If you put them in the crate, then they’re comfortable and also behind a barrier. This means they can’t run at the cat or even by the cat if it comes close. If you don’t own a crate big enough for your dog, then you can put your cat and its cat carrier. If you place a cat in a cat carrier, keep in mind that the Husky can flip the carrier over. Hold them back to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

You should invest in a solid and durable crate because it can be a divider or a great asset while you’re training them. There are a lot of great benefits to crate training your dog and it’s essential in training to have one. Without a crate or cat carrier your animals will be unrestrained and unattended on the first day of meeting. This means that both are prone to aggression and they each might be injured. Make sure that you supervise the interaction and ensure that they’re held back the first time meeting so that injury doesn’t ruin any hope of coexistence for your animals.

Work Off Energy

Working off the energy of both of your animals is very important. Your cat and your husky need the opportunity to work off excess energy so that they don’t have an outburst of aggression when they need each other. A tired Husky and cat means that they’ll be less hyper and it will minimize any attacks that might happen when they meet each other. You should play with your cat with toys or lasers for an extended amount of time until they seem bored. Then, you should take your husky out for a run or to a dog park for some playtime so that they can get tired.

Once both of your animals are tired, place them in a room but you know they’re both comfortable in. Make sure that there’s someone else there with you so that they can be able to grab the other animal if something happens. Both your cat and your husky should be too tired to exert a lot of energy attacking each other. There will still be some curiosity, so stand close in case something happened. Otherwise, working off energy is a great way to ensure that your husky or your cat doesn’t have any pent-up energy to work off.

Now that you know more about getting your husky to get along with your cat, you can have a better likelihood of them becoming friends. Eventually, they won’t need to be supervised while they’re with each other and this is how you know that your training works. Overall, your husky can exist with your cat after some time and training.