Do All Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Siamese cats are very unique cats. They’re popular because of their slender muscular bodies and their beautiful fur coat. They also are well known for being quite exotic looking. The original Siamese cats rare from Thailand but they became popular in the United States and Europe in the 19th century. Now they’re less rare than they were before and they’re commonly seen in modern homes.

Siamese cats are well known for being hypoallergenic and attention-craving cats. It’s also suggested that if you want a cat that acts like a dog, get a Siamese cat. Another thing that makes Siamese cats popular is their bright blue eyes. A lot of people see Siamese cats with bright blue eyes, but you might be wondering if all Siamese cats have this striking eye color.

Do all Siamese cats have blue eyes?

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The blue eyes of the Siamese cat are the result of a recessive gene. Both parents need to have the recessive gene for the cat to have blue eyes. Most breeders make sure to keep the cats mating inside the proper gene pool. Siamese cats have a type of albinism, which might be hard to believe because they don’t look like the typical albino animals. The genes responsible for the blue eye color in Siamese cats are the result of a temperature sensitive albinism.

The temperature sensitive albino appearance is why there might be different colors all over their body. The gene is sensitive to heat, so the color on the hotter parts of their body is different than the color of their legs and tail. Siamese cats are born all white because the albinism trait is active in the warm temperature of the room. They stay warm while they’re nursing and being cuddled by their mother. Eventually as they become older the color starts to change. With properly bred Siamese cats, you’ll have the bright blue eyes that you’re used to seeing.

What is the Structure of the Siamese Cat’s Eye?

Besides the bright blue color, there are a lot of interesting things about the Siamese cat’s eye that’s worth knowing. The basic structure of his eye involves a pupil and the iris. The iris has two layers with cells that affect eye color. The pigmented cells are in most cats eyes. Siamese cats and some breeds related to the Siamese cat do not have this page because of the temperature sensitive albinism gene present inside of their body.

The blue eyes of a Siamese cat occur because both layers of the iris like pigment. The blue eyes can still be present in cats that have only one pigment of layer but a true Siamese cat will have no pigment in both of the layers. You’ll notice that the shade of blue changes in different environments because of the temperature sensitive albinism gene.

Also, the color that you see is a human is important. All the colors on the spectrum or only iris, but humans only see the blue because the wavelength is shorter than the other colors. The wavelength for violet is also short. Humans have a hard time seeing the short wavelength of the violet so their eyes are more likely to see the blue. The Siamese cat eyes are blue because humans see them that way. Other creatures might see them as a different color depending on what wavelengths their eyes can see.

Selective Breeding

There are a lot of different kinds of Siamese cats today, but originally they looks a lot different. There are still places where the traditional Siamese cat is bread, but in many places in Europe in the United States, the modern Siamese group is more popular.

the traditional Siamese group dating back to the 14th century most popular. It can be broken down into three different subcategories. Historically, the traditional Siamese cats are one of the first domesticated cats and they were very prized. They were used to guard treasures and they were kept at the right side of royalty. They were extremely valued and a sign of high status. There’s a lot of myths surrounding the eyes of the Siamese cats which are Au bright blue usually, but they’re prone to being cross-eyed. This was supposedly because they were so used to staring at the treasure to guard it.

If you look at their ancient roots, the traditional Siamese cats look very different from what they do today. They had much rounder faces. They were also known for being much quieter than the vocal Siamese cats that we know today. The Applehead Siamese cat is known for having a traditional Siamese cat look. They’re big boned with small ears and softer features. They also have shorter tails. Even though they look a little bit different today, the Applehead Siamese cat is still beautiful.

The old style and classic Siamese cats are similar to The applehead cats but they have longer tails and different looking bodies. They’re still quite lean, but their facial structures are a little different. For example, the old style Siamese cat has a much more elongated facial structure in comparison to the apple head and the classic style Siamese cats. Either way, all of these subcategories are closer to the traditional Siamese cat then the selective breeding that causes the Siamese cat that’s popular today.

The modern Siamese cat has been bred differently so they still have some of the traditional Siamese Characteristics with a slight change. The modern Siamese was Brad from the two Siamese cats that were gifted to the British Consul in the 1800s. In America by the early 1900s, the modern Siamese cat was recognizable.

Modern cats are bred to be whiter than the traditional Siamese cats. WHite is a very popular coat in America since it’s viewed as more beautiful. Also, the Siamese cats today lack the elongated and rounded features of the traditional Siamese cat. They often have elongated wedge shaped faces or a triangular head. They also have low-set ears, so their ears are closer to their face in comparison to the traditional Siamese cats who are known to have their ears further back onto their head.

Overall, selective breeding is what makes the Siamese cats look how they look today. They pick the cats with the traits that are popular. Since the Siamese cats have been bred that way for a long time, it’s not very hard to produce the desirable traits the breeders need to sell a lot of cats.


Cats are well-known for their night vision. If you’re a cat owner he’ll likely understand seeing a pair of glowing eyes as you’re walking around in the dark. Siamese cats are less likely to wander around in the darkness because they have problems seeing in the dark.

Siamese cats still have night vision but they have limitations to their version. Regular cats can still see small features in the dark, but the Siamese cats can only see basic shapes. This is the result of the temperature sensitive gene that they carry that gives them the blue eyes.

Ordinary cats also have another layer over their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This allows large amounts of light to get through the retina, but Siamese cats don’t have this. They get less light into their retinas, causing imperfect eyesight. They experience a worsened eyesight in comparison to other cats in both daylight and night darkness. It severely limits their nightmares and however, so you should leave the night light (view on Amazon) on for your Siamese cat is wandering around while you’re asleep.

Health Issues of the Siamese Cat

When you get a Siamese cat, you should be aware of the health issues that I can experience. The most common health issue is Progressive retinal atrophy. The retina is a specialized tissue on the back of your cat’s eye that is responsible for using light to enhance Vision. Without the retinal function, vision isn’t possible. That means that when your cat is experiencing Progressive retinal atrophy, this tissue is degenerating. Progression of this is slow and the early signs are often missed.

What occurs when this happens in Siamese cat is it appears as if the light is being reduced slowly over time. The condition is often not noticed until it’s significantly progressed until the cat can barely see. There’s no cure for progressive retinal atrophy. There are symptoms that you can identify so that you can treat your cat early. You might notice your pet getting lost in your own home, or pupils being dilated all the time. They also might have a slow response to light. you’ll likely notice it increasingly when you rearrange furniture and your cat runs into it a lot.

Besides that, you also have to worry about gastrointestinal and neoplastic problems. Siamese cats also have urinary tract disease and gum disease is very common. Siamese cats are very picky so you need to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrition so they’re healthy. They often suffer from malnourishment because of this.

What you need to do is make sure you mix wet (view on Amazon)and dry food (view on Amazon). Make sure you go through a taste test with your cat to find out which ones they prefer. Always feel free to ask your vet for help picking the correct food for your cat if you feel like your cat is malnourished. Beware of any sudden weight loss or lethargy that you are noticing in your cat.

You Need to Know to Know This About Your Siamese Cat

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Cost of Bright Blue Eyed Siamese Cat

If you get your cat from a shelter is going to be a lot less expensive than getting it from a breeder. If you want those bright blue eyes, then you’ll likely need to go to a breeder but the Siamese cats you see at the shelter might have a more faded blue look.

You’re going to play quite a large price if you want a show quality Siamese cat. However, pet quality cats can be anywhere from 400 USD to 1000 USD. You are playing at that large price because of a specific look. You also need to make sure that you take very good care of them because they need well monitored care. They can’t roam outside because of their limited vision and in the dark, you need to especially make sure that they’re monitored. Also, they require a lot of attention so make sure you have the time to give them it.

Overall, the blue eyes I’m a Siamese cat are the result of a gene that affects the entire body. The structure of their icons has a lot of issues, but that bright blue eye is very beautiful. Make sure you’re willing to put in the care and time that you need to have a healthy Siamese cat before you get one.