Can Parakeets Eat Bananas?

Parakeets are very popular birds to have as a pet. It’s often thought of as a beginner bird because of how easy it is to raise them. It’s a very social and outgoing small bird that needs as much care and attention as the larger birds you can have as a pet. Because the parakeet is so small, it requires a smaller cage than a larger bird, but it still needs close care and attention. It didn’t find its way into America until the late 1920s, but today it is the most popular bird in the world.

The important thing when owning a bird is to make sure it’s getting proper care and food. Parakeets can live between 7 to 15 years, but the average lifespan is often a lot less than that due to mistreatment or lack of knowledge about bird care.

Taking the best care of your parakeet is very important as a pet owner. You want to make sure you’re giving your parakeet proper nutrition by monitoring its food. Many pet owners want to feed their animals all kinds of things because it’s how you showed your animal that you love them. Before you do this, you should make sure that you’re feeding your parakeet the proper foods.

Diet of the Parakeet

Parakeets are very easy to feed. They’re usually curious about trying out the treats that you presented to them. Many owners choose to use seed that’s already made together, but a seed diet alone is not enough to give your parakeet all the nutrients it needs to survive. Luckily, you can find a lot of what your parakeet needs and simple foods that you already have. There are a lot of human foods that are safe and recommended for parakeets that you probably don’t know about.

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You should first understand how many types of seeds there are. There are a lot of different seeds for sale at local pet stores, but they tend to be low on amino acids, minerals and vitamins that your parakeets need. Also, your parakeet may gain a lot of weight if they’re sedentary and eat only a seed diet. These are very high in fat and for an inactive bird, this is unhealthy.

Pellets are also available for your parakeet. They’re designed to peppermint seeds to give the nutrients that the seed alone doesn’t have. The bad news is that parakeets usually don’t accept this type of food. Even if it’s mixed into the seed, many pellets will go uneaten. Monitor your parakeet to see if it can eat the pellets or if it just drops them on the cage floor. You can usually gradually mix and introduce your parakeet to the pellets.

Fruits and vegetables will give your parakeet natural vitamins and minerals. Vegetables can be appetizing to your parakeet and your fruits should be served with other leafy greens, like lettuce. Kale and spinach are also great to add into your vegetable mix. Fruits contain a lot of sugar, so be careful with giving your parakeet a lot of it.

Can Parakeets Eat Bananas

Parakeets can eat bananas and they often enjoy the taste of it. Bananas usually don’t post any problems so you don’t have to be too cautious about feeding it to you then. It’s very healthy for them to eat it. It has vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. It’s also very soft. It shouldn’t be too much of a hazard to feed them. Many Parakeets love the taste of banana because of its sweetness.

How to Feed Your Parakeet Banana

You’re likely wondering how you should feed your parakeet that banana. Of course, they can’t bite into the banana the way that humans do.

The best way to feed your parakeet banana would be to give it to them raw. Make sure you peel it or get organic produce. If your parakeet enjoys the peel, then make sure it’s organic so that it’s free from any bad chemicals.

Your parakeet will not choke on the banana if you don’t dice sit. Many owners choose to dice up the banana for peace of mind that you can just give your parakeet a piece of banana and let them eat it on their own. Make sure you wash the banana well if you’re going to give your parakeet the peel, but otherwise you don’t have to worry about much when you’re feeding them the banana.

While it may seem appealing to cook a pan fry your banana for your parakeet, it isn’t suggested. This strips the banana of its natural nutritional value. Your parakeet will benefit the most from the banana when it is given to them raw. It’s only acceptable to give your parrot a cooked banana when your parent is sick and it can’t double down the banana as it usually would.

Also, don’t give your parakeet the banana after it’s been frozen. Give it to them fresh and anything that you have to store, you should use for your own cooking.

Plantains are also safe for your parakeet. Plantains are rawer and greener than a banana. Most people choose to cope with a plantain when they want to eat it and many people eat it along with its peel. The first thing you should know is that plantains have lower starch in it and the starch is digestible for your parakeet since it’s on low levels. It won’t upset your parakeets stomach.

You don’t have to cook the planteen because you would strain out the necessary vitamins and nutrients they make the plantain a healthy choice for your parakeets meal. Do not give them more than one small banana a day, and you can even choose to feed them less than that.

Other Safe Fruits

Besides bananas, there are other safe fruits that you can feed your parakeet. Apples are very healthy for your parakeet and if you dice them into small pieces, they can have an easier time eating them. Apricot and peaches also do very well. If you slice them, they can eat them themselves because they’re very soft. Blueberries are often recommended for parakeets because of all the vitamins in them. You can also feed them oranges but there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts of feeding your parakeet oranges.

Even though it might be tempting to feed your parakeet fruits love the taste, you should make sure that you get them vegetables mixed into their diet also. Peppers, leafy vegetables, cauliflower and peas are all very day things to add to your parakeets diet. If your parakeet enjoys sweet things, you can even add yam to their diet.

Many owners make a smoothie of vegetables and fruits and sprinkle nuts on them to make it more appetizing. You can freeze these things and thaw it whenever you want to feed it to your parakeet.

Snacks For Your Parakeet

If you don’t want to feed your parakeet bananas all the time and you want to mix it up, there are a few snacks that you can give to your parakeet to make them happy.

Kaytee Forti- Diet Oat Groats (view on Amazon)

This exact is a great source of protein for your parakeet. It adds great variety to their meals and they’ll really enjoy it as a snack. If you find that your parakeet is bored with their meals, then you can add this to it so you can increase their appetite again. It comes in a small digestible form so beating it to your parakeet shouldn’t be an issue. You can likely feed it to them right out of your hand if you choose to.

Lafeber’s Classic Nutri-Berries (view on Amazon)

This snack will likely be unlike anything that’s already in your parakeets diet. It’s a very nutritious snack. It gives your bird if necessary nutrients in a form that they’ll love. It contains a lot of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed to complete your parakeets diet. Many reviewers said that it was a great snack for the parakeet. It’s also perfect for you if you don’t want to have to add any vitamins to their food or water. These are already perfectly safe for your parakeet so you don’t have to worry about sorting through it.

Millet Spray for Birds

This is a trait that many birds enjoy. It comes naturally on a stem that’s good for encouraging your bird to eat. It’s also great for birds of any age whether your bird is a fledgling or fully grown bird. It’s ideal for bonding in free time since it comes on a stem and it’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about any unhealthy ingredients. To use it, all you have to do is hang it by a clip or inserted in a holder near a perch. All you have to do is make sure it’s in an easily accessible location for your bird. You can replace the stem as frequently as you choose to.

Make sure you understand the most you can about your bird’s diet. If you have any questions, make sure you ask your vet about your parakeet’s diet.