Can Cats Eat Olives?

Cats are naturally interested in everything that you eat. They are very observant creatures who watch the things that you do everyday and if you eat olives often, they’re bound to become interested. Olives are great fruits for humans and they’re well known for their bitter taste. It’s hard to know if your cat might like olives, and you’re probably wondering if you can even feed them it. Because your cat might actually get into your olives or might just be interested in the taste, there’s more information about whether your cat can eat olives.

Can Cats Eat Olives

Your cat can eat olives. Olives are not toxic to cats and they should not be harmed by eating the olives.

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There are two different kinds of olives that are commonly eaten. There’s green olives and black olives. Green olives are not poisonous to your cat at all. They are safe for your cat to eat but you need to make sure you take some precautions. Remove the olive pit so that your cat doesn’t choke on it or hurt their teeth while biting into the olive. Olives are known to contain a similar compound that’s found in catnip, so you want to give this to your cat in moderation.

Black olives can also be eaten by your cat. They tend to be more bitter than green olives so you might want to see if your cat even likes them. Black olives also contain more oil and less salt so you can give your cat black olives every once in a while if you think they’d like it.

Removing the olive pit is very important. If you accidentally gave your cat the olive pit, you don’t have to worry because they’re not poisonous to your cat. They will likely pass through your cat’s digestive system and into their fecal matter. It’s better to be safe and remove it because when your cat eats a lot of them, they might cause an intestinal blockage. Accidentally eating one or two will not harm them.

Health Benefits of Olives

Olives do have some benefits to your cat even though it’s not an essential part of their diet. Cats are carnivores which means that they get most of their nutrition from the meat that they eat. You probably feed your cat multiple times a day, and these will be their main meals, but the olives can maybe serve as a snack in between those meals. Olives can be a small snack because your cat doesn’t need it but also they might really like it.

Olives have a lot of nutritional benefits for your cat.

Vitamin C Is known to help support joints bones and the immune system in your cat. It also helps with overall health and well-being. It does a great job of decreasing the chance of ulcers, enhancing your cat’s connective tissue, and helping your cat make cartilage. Since vitamin C is probably found in your cat’s main meals, you don’t have to worry too much about them getting supplements, but olives contain a decent amount of vitamin C and a little extra than they normally would get wouldn’t hurt them.

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for cats because it has to be a part of their diet so they can have the best health possible. It plays an important role in protecting your cat cells from oxidative damage. This stress can harm cell membranes, cardiovascular health, your cat’s immune system, vision, and neurological function. Because it’s so involved in some of their body functions, it’s nice that olives will provide your cat with a little bit extra. There are signs that your cat might be deficient in vitamin E, and they include muscle weakness or liver hepatitis.

Antioxidants are great for your cat because they play a role in decreasing damage to cells, especially the cells in your cat’s immune system. These are important naturally occurring nutrients that maintain your cat’s health by slowing all destructive processes of cellular molecules. This is especially crucial for kittens that are vaccinated while their immune system is developing. Antioxidants also are great for senior cats because they can reverse decreases in immune cell function so that they can be healthier. A lot of cat foods already contain a lot of antioxidants because they’re very important, but having some olives will provide your cat with a little extra antioxidant in your diet.

Black Olives have a lot of iron in them. Iron is very important in cats Because it allows them to have healthy red blood cells that can carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from their lungs. If they have an iron deficiency this is known as anemia, and it’s usually caused by blood loss, but also by a lack of iron in their diet. Signs that they need more iron include weakness, loss of appetite, or dark stools and a visit to your vet might be necessary to determine this.

Olives have a lot of health benefits so, if you want to feed your cat olives as a snack, then take the necessary precautions and feed them a little.

Health Risks from Olives

Olives are not poisonous to your cat but you do have to be careful feeding them a lot of olives because of some of the ingredients.

Olives contain a high amount of salt, which can be very dangerous to cats. Cats have a sodium limit and even natural olives will contain enough salt to bring your cat over there sodium limit. Sodium poisoning is super dangerous and it can be life-threatening to your cat. You should watch how much sodium they have in their meals everyday to add that to the sodium that is found in the amount of olives that you give them as a snack. You can monitor their sodium intake this way and ensure that your cat is healthy.

You also will be careful with the amount of preservatives that are located in the olives. Chemical preservatives like BHT and BHA are effective at preserving foods but they’re suspected of having potentially cancer-causing agents in them. These chemicals are often added to oils and fats, both of which are found in olives. They can also be extremely harmful if there are already preservatives in the food that they eat. Ensure that you always check the amount of preservatives before you feed them to your cat.

How Often Can They Eat Olives

Some cats love the taste of Olives, but you should keep in mind that olives don’t really add much nutritional value to your cat’s diet. You should feed them olives in moderation and it should be a once in a while treat for your cat. For example, maybe once every 3 days you can give your cat a small serving of olives as a treat to hold them over while they’re in between meals.

You should compare olives to the treats that you give them. You don’t give them these treats in large portions very often, and you want to treat olives the same exact way. You also want to consider if your cat is on any dietary restrictions or a strict diet plan. You should stick to those plans and never stray from them to give them olives, especially since olives have no nutritional value in your cat if they’re on a dietary restriction and they need to be watched very closely.

Your cat’s health is very important, so even though they might really like the olives, you cannot make this an everyday occurrence. Maybe one olive everyday is fine, but if you have olives that are high in sodium and preservatives, you want to lower the amount that you give them.

Why Are Some Cats Obsessed With Olives

You’ve probably noticed or seen videos of cats loving olives. There are entire compilations online of cats that are absolutely obsessed with olives and they get super excited when they see then. Some of them even begin salivating as soon as they see the olives. Olives contain a chemical compound called isoprenoids. They have a similar effect on your cat’s receptors as catnip, so this is why they react that way.

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Are They Recommended?

There’s no significant health benefit for your cat to eat olives, and they’re not a part of their natural diet. You don’t really have to intentionally feed your cat olives. They’re not dangerous or poisonous, but it’s not like you have to make an effort to put it into their diet. But if you do because your cat likes it, then just give it to them in moderation. Since the majority of their dietary needs come from their main meals, it won’t hurt them to have olives.

One way that you can give your cat who loves olive flavored things, is by getting catnip flavored treats and other things with catnip becauses olives contain the same chemical compound that makes your cat go crazy.

Catnip Treats and Toys to Buy Your Cat

Friskies Natural Catnip Flavor Treats

This is a very popular treat brand that you’re probably familiar with. This has a natural catnip flavor to it and it is made with natural ingredients. It also comes with added vitamins and minerals and you don’t have to worry about preservatives. Most cats love Friskies and they’re a brand that has a great reputation. It’s a great price and it’s a healthier treat option that you can make a big part of your cat’s diet.

Legendog Catnip Chew Toys

Catnip toys will make your cat so happy. This comes with 5 small cat shape toys that are perfect for your cat to bat around. It’s made out of breathable fabric so your cat will be able to smell the catnip easily and they’ll be quickly interested in them. It’s bite resistant so you don’t have to worry about it being chewed up because it’s made out of high-quality material. It comes with five different toy options so you can get five toys for the price of one.

Now that you know a little more about olives, you can judge if you want to include them in your cat’s diet. While they’re not essential, you can choose to use them as a snack once or twice a week. If you don’t want to give your cats olives, but you want them to have olives because they like them, catnip has a similar compound and they’ll be just as happy with that replacement.