Can Cats Eat Avacado?

Cats love investigating a lot of different things, and one of the things they take the most interest in is food. It’s very common for your cat to get into your food if you leave it lying around because they’re always looking for new things to eat. The issue with your cat sneaking to eat your food is that human food is not always the best thing for your cat to eat.

Your cat has a lot of different aspects that go into it having a nutritional, balanced diet and the best way to give them this diet is cat food. If you do want to feed your cat human food, then it’s always good to check if it’s healthy for them to eat. One of the things that your cat might have taken some interest in is avocado. It’s understandable why since it’s a creamy fruit with an interesting texture. There’s more information about whether your cat can eat avocado.

Can Cats Eat Avocado

Avocados are very healthy for humans. They taste good, and humans often put them in a lot of different dishes like salads, smoothies or even just plain as a snack. There are even recipes that show you how to make avocado into a dessert. It’s safe for your cat to eat avocado in moderation because anything outside of their normal diet should be eaten in moderation. You can mix them into your cat’s normal food or give it as a tree on its own. There are even cat products that are formulated with avocado like the brand AvoDerm (View on Amazon) that mixes cat food with premium avocados.

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This is why it’s completely fine to feed your cat avocado along with their normal diet. Because cats are carnivores, it’s very important that they still get the majority of their diet from the meat in their cat food. It’s fine if you give them avocado as a small snack, but you should never swap out their normal meat snacks and cat food with avocado. When you give them avocado, you want to keep in mind their calorie intake, how you give them the avocado, and whether they enjoy eating avocado in the first place.

Are Avocados Good for Cats

Before judging if avocado is good for cats, you should first know the most important parts of a cat’s diet. Their diet is the most important part of their health, and you need to put some thought into the food and snacks you give your cat. You want to make sure you have a good amount of dry and wet food in their diet. Dry food and wet food all have their benefits, but a mix of the two is optimal. You want high quality food with very little preservatives and salt that keeps them below their calorie intake.

Avocados can be good for your cat. The nutrition facts of the avocado are very healthy, but because the cat’s nutritional requirements are different and smaller than humans, you need to think about giving your cat avocados in the terms of the nutrients and serving sizes that they need. Even though you might be tempted to feed them a small bowl of avocado the way you eat it, this amount is likely going to be way too large for your cat to handle because of how small they are. Avocados can be good for cats if included in their diet correctly.

Benefits of Avocados

Avocados are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and other minerals.

Vitamin C helps support joints, bones and the immune system in your cat. It also helps with overall health and well-being. It’s main goal is to decrease the chance of ulcers, enhance your cat’s connective tissue, and help your cat make cartilage. Since vitamin C is probably found in your cat’s meat meals, you don’t have to worry too much about them getting supplements, but avocados do contain a large amount of vitamin C and this extra amount that adds on to what they would normally get wouldn’t hurt them.

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for cats because it has to be a part of their diet so they can have the best health possible. It plays an important role in protecting your cat cells from oxidative damage. This stress can harm cell membranes, cardiovascular health, your cat’s immune system, vision, and neurological function. Because it’s so involved in some of their body functions, it’ll be nice that avocados will provide your cat with a little bit extra. There are signs that your cat might be deficient in vitamin E, and they include muscle weakness or liver hepatitis.

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that also plays a big role in your cat’s health. It benefits your cat’s central nervous system and it can produce different neurotransmitters. It can also form myelin, which protects your cat’s nerves by forming a cover. In turn, the neurotransmitters that they help produce can perform other essential functions. For example, it helps produce proteins and improves the glucose metabolism in your cat’s body and proteins and glucose are an essential part of your cat’s diet.

Avocados have a lot of minerals and these are essential to all mammals. These can contribute to many functions, like enzyme formation, oxygen transportation, and nutrient utilization.

None of these aspects are more important than the other, and they all come together to make your cat healthy. Avocados all contain all of these things, and that’s what makes it safe for your cat.

How to Feed Cat Avocado

Cats eat things different since they all have different eating styles. Some cats speed through their food, hardly stopping to take a breath. Others might eat food in a slow, mindful manner, walking away and coming back later to eat a little bit more. You should consider the way that your cat eats when you give them the avocado so you can serve it in a way that’s safe for them to eat.

Even though some humans eat avocados in slices, you shouldn’t give a slice to your cat. You should mush up the avocado the way it is in guacamole. This will allow your cat to lick at it the way they would the wet cat food that you serve them. You should not feed them the entire inside of the avocado because that’s a lot of extra calories. Your cat has a limited calorie intake daily, and the entire avocado is around 322 calories. This is a little over the daily calorie intake that’s recommended for cats. This makes the entire avocado a horrible snack. A little spoonful of avocado should be an adequate snack.

You can choose to mix the avocado in their cat food if you know that avocado is one of your cat’s favorite snacks. This is actually quite normal since there are cat food brands that have avocado in them. Otherwise, it would be a great midday snack between your cat’s two meals.

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What Else Can You Feed Your Cat Instead

Avocado is a human food that you can feed your cat, but otherwise you can give them treats for cats that have the same creamy texture as avocado.

Friskies Canned Wet Cat Food

Friskies is a reputable cat food brand and they make popular wet food. It’s made with real meat, poultry, or fish. There are a number of flavors you can choose from, which your cat would love since it would be something new. Every can has a gravy or sauce that your cat will enjoy and it’s focused on providing your cat with a balanced diet. It’s held in small cans that have the perfect serving for your cat to enjoy at meal times.

The reviews for this cat food are very good. Some of the reviewers noted how they were satisfied with the food because their cat was satisfied. Many of their cats got so excited during mealtimes when they were fed Friskies and it quickly became the only wet food these owners fed these cats. It isn’t the cheapest food, but it’s a great value and well worth all the money so that your cat has the healthiest food available to them.

Sheba Pate Wet Cat Food

This pate wet cat food is perfect for cats who prefer wet food to dry food. This will contain a multipack of different flavors of the cat food. There are a lot of different combinations that you can choose from in the pack. It has no grains, corn, wheat, or soy. This is very great for your cat’s health. Another thing you want to consider is that they’re no artificial services. Regardless of your cat’s age they should enjoy this type of food.

This is a premium cat brand that you’ll pay a little extra for since it’s such high quality. Many reviewers acknowledged the price, but they continued to buy this brand for their cat because of how much they loved it. Many people enjoyed the small serving size, especially since a few of the had sick cats who had trouble eating. It’s easy to open and the portion is perfect for one cat. This treat is worth a try, especially if your cat loves wet food.

Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Treats

While there are a lot of wet cat food meals, there aren’t a lot of wet cat food treats, These treats function as a gogurt for your cat. All you need to do is push the contents up and let your cat clean it up. These are a lot of different flavors and tube amounts that’ll help you feed your cat and keep them satisfied. This is a great way to bond with your cat since they have to lick it from your hand.

This was a big hit among all of the reviewer’s cats and they were easy to open. The senior cats who had trouble eating aways ate these wet cat treats, and if you need a nice snack for your cat, you can try this one.

Now that you know more about giving your cat avocado, then you can decide if you want to give it to them. While there are a lot of different snacks to give them, avocados are a nice, natural snack that you can give them in the middle of the day.